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Arlington’s extreme makeover: College Station

college park district arlington

college park district arlingtonIf you haven’t been to Arlington in awhile, you might do a double take when you see it next.

Like that friend you lost touch with who lost a lot of weight and looks like a different person, Arlington’s downtown is now the College Park District, a revitalized entryway into downtown and the greater campus community.

The recently completed Center Street Bridge and revitalized Center Street corridor are the new and welcoming portal to downtown Arlington. Center Street now leads right up to what will become the University’s new front door — the emerging College Park District.

“College Park represents the shared vision of UT Arlington and the City of Arlington to breathe new life into Downtown Arlington and create a true college town environment,” a University statement about the project said.

The College Park District spans more than 20 acres and features the University’s special events center as its focal point. Also included in this massive mixed-use development are The Green at College Park, which has green space, a residence hall, student apartments, retail stores and restaurants, a new University welcome center, and an 1800-car parking garage.

All sorts of great amenities await those lucky students. Check out design images of the project at  UTA‘s website.


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