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Analyzing One Year’s Worth of 311 Complaints in Dallas

The number of 311 complaints has exploded last year in Dallas. In 2015 a whopping 772,185 complaints have been registered in total, a 45% difference compared to the previous year… Which is a lot… And that could mean many things: either all hell broke loose last year in the Big D, or people just got more irritated by what they see in their surroundings. As both scenarios sound horrible, we prefer to think that it’s just a sign that the city’s population is starting to care enough to pick up the phone and report whenever they see something fishy going on.

Our analysts took to the registry of 311 calls in the past two years to see what bugs Dallas residents the most, which are the most affected areas, and what are the busiest seasons for dispatchers?

Here are the key facts:

  • There were 772,185 complaints registered in 2015, a 45% increase from 2014’s total of 529,362
  • The intersection of Illinois Ave. and Buckner Blvd. attracted the most complaints of any intersection citywide
  • 1739 S St. Augustine Dr. and 8223 Rayville Dr. are the two addresses with the highest number of code complaints
  • August 24 was the day with most code violations—5,639 complaints were registered
  • August was also the busiest month of the year in terms of the number of 311 complaints, which accounts for almost 12% of the 2015 total
  • December was the least active month in 2015, with notices accounting for only 3.5% of the total
  • Hump day is the heaviest day of the week for dispatchers—authorities registered seven times more complaints on Wednesdays than on Sundays
  • Most complaints were submitted between 3:00 and 4:00 PM

See the infographic below for the full details on 311 complaints registered in 2015 in Dallas:

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