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15 Signs that you’re a Cowboys fanatic

crazy dallas cowboys fan
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crazy dallas cowboys fans
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If you’re a hardcore Dallas Cowboys fan, you don’t need anyone to tell you. But if you aren’t sure just how much of a fan you are, there are certain indicators that will help you determine your degree of addiction. See where you fall of the Cowboys’ spectrum of fandom.

Honorary Fan

  • You no longer have the honor of donning a Dallas County license plate. You probably don’t even live in Texas anymore. But you do have a cute little Cowboys decal on your truck.
  • You picked the team over the others on the field because you liked the colors on their jerseys.
  • You studied up on the team because your significant other’s dad really liked them.
  • You settled on the Cowboys because you thought they were the only pro football team in Texas.

Cowboys Fan

  • You have Houston Texans toilet paper in every bathroom of your Dallas rental.
  • You intentionally purchased a blue truck with a grey interior.
  • You’ve got two sets of season tickets for 2013. One set you’ll keep for yourself and the others you’ll to charity so needy children could experience good football.
  • Blue and white stars are painted on the ceiling of your bedroom.
  • You considered disowning your sister for marrying a Texans fan, but didn’t.
    crazy dallas cowboys fan
    Image via Watch Cowboys Games Online

Practically a Member of the Team

  • You did disown your sister for marrying a Texans fan.
  • You bleed blue and white, and piss silver.
  • You named your triplets Staubach, Whitten, and Smith.
  • Your speed dial includes 1.) Jason Garrett 2.) Chuck Norris 3.) Your mom.
  • You’re renting an apartment within walking distance of Cowboys Stadium.
  • You refused to move in until unit 921 was vacant.

Of course, true fans also keep up with the action. Check out the True Fans Facebook page to connect with other Dallas Cowboys fans in the area. Get the heads up on prizes, giveaways, and discounts offered through the site.


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