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Design theme ideas for your Chicago apartment

Black and white living room design
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Looking for a brand new look for your Chicago apartment? Consider these design theme ideas as you look for furniture, accessories, paint and more.

Chicago apartments are known for being post-modern or traditional in style, but here are some ideas that could give you a more interesting look. (By the way, what does post-modern really mean? We looked it up, and we’re still not sure. Something about simple lines. So for now we’re just going to say it means “boring old furniture.” Ha.)

Industrial – Even if you don’t live in a loft in a converted warehouse, there’s still room for industrial-style décor in a Chicago apartment. Furnish your place with metal and leather, limited use of wood, stark sharp corners and interesting modern artwork. It won’t be friendly and welcoming, but not everyone’s style should be.

Stylish apartment stuff.

Southern country farmhouse – What’s more interesting than a Midwestern farmhouse? A Southern farmhouse. More opulent, less austere, more colorful floral prints and less dull chambray will be part of the Southern farmhouse décor. Choose colors and furniture that bring in light, air, and the sort of spaces where you want to sit down and drink iced tea.

Farmhouse bedroom

Farmhouse cook stove

Hollywood glamour – Chicago’s one of the few U.S. cities that can rival Los Angeles when it comes to glamour and style. But if you don’t have black-and-white parquet floors in your apartment, we’re not sure this theme is for you. Stylish furniture from the 50’s is not going to be cheap, but you might find some good recreations. Look for mirrored pieces, angled bureaus and tables, and lush fabrics.

Black and white living room design

Craftsman with Americana art – For the stylish but simple Chicago home, use of woods and quilt-inspired linens can create a very welcoming look. Hand-hooked rugs, colorful kitchen accessories, and bright colors will help make this complete.

Charming country quilt

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