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You down with OTP? Or going ITP?

Will your Atlanta living experience be OTP or ITP?

Will your Atlanta living experience be OTP or ITP?Residents of the Metro Atlanta area appreciate the prestige of living ITP (that’s Inside the Perimeter for you newcomers). Anything OTP (you guessed it, Outside the Perimeter) means a longer commute to fun attractions and nightlife, right? Wrong. While Atlanta proper is certainly an exciting place to live, there are quite a few outlying neighborhoods that have established their own worthy reputations. There are numerous perks to living OTP.

Not Quite the Suburbs Contrary to popular belief, I-285 does not mark the end of “the city.” While Atlanta proper is neatly wrapped inside of the interstate, metropolitan living exists far beyond the lanes of the freeway. Atlanta grew in a burst and has continued to expand, meaning that the amenities of city living continue beyond where the city zip codes end. 

Cool Towns If you’re relocating to Atlanta, there are plenty of neighborhoods OTP that are worth looking into. Within a 30 mile commute of Atlanta rests Alpharetta, Vinings, Norcross, Marietta, and Roswell. Each town has its own distinct flare, offering luxury apartment living in areas with unique characteristics. Generally, towns north of The Perimeter are the most established whereas towns south of The Perimeter are budding, which is great for entrepreneurs and those who want to brag that they lived in “The New It Town” before it became a hotspot on the map.

Benefits The most obvious benefit for most OTP residents is the lower living cost. On average, you can save around $300 a month or more on comparable apartments. That’s a lot of spare cash for decorating or weekend splurges with friends. When living OTP, you’re also more likely to nab additional square footage and free parking. OTP residents relish less traffic, meaning that you spend more time living your life outside of your vehicle.



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