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Watch TV? We’ve got an Atlanta bar for you.

Pick your bar based on your favorite TV show.

Pick your bar based on your favorite TV show.TV shows like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Single Ladies and Hart of Dixie create radically different perceptions of southerners. It’s hard to believe that the shows are based on the same region of the world. Anyone living here knows that our undefinable qualities are our biggest assets. There’s a bit of something for everyone, and there is certainly a bar for everyone. Depending on where you fit into the array of Southern-based television series, we’ve mixed up a list of the best drink stops in Atlanta.

True Blood Fans You don’t mind cheap, gory special effects but you won’t settle for a show with weak plot lines. You can see the potential in actors no matter how bad their fake accents are. True Blood fans also appreciate old things with a new twist. Your bar crowd isn’t necessary the most socially or financially successful but you like who they are and what they stand for. You want a place to drink that has history and an innovative menu. You bar is East Atlanta Graveyard Tavern. They’ve been a force in the area since the Roaring 20s but they keep things fresh and fun.

The Vampire Diaries Fans Unfortunately, you can’t get enough of the show. You know it’s cheesy, the acting is mediocre and the plot twists don’t surprise you at all. But the dudes are hot and you’re so into the vampire thing. Your bar is Java Monkey in Decatur. It tries hard to be underground and edgy but it just ends up being an average, hip place for people with tattoos. Besides, you might not be old enough to drink (really, you’re watching The Vampire Diaries). Their delicious coffee beverages will do the trick.

Single Ladies Fans You like drama, fashion, and glitz. You take the longest time to get ready and you always look the best when you’re finished. Meeting new people and trying new things is just a part of your weekday routine. Your bars are Halo and Luckie. Both are great places to be seen that offer fun ambiance and fabulous drinks.

Hart of Dixie Fans Like Dr. Hart, you’ve got a love-hate relationship with this city. You like how a stranger will hold the door open for you but you can’t stand that restaurants close at 9 p.m. in the suburbs. You appreciate the city’s warm weather but—for the love of righteousness—why can’t we get a decent week of snow? Your bar is The Porter Beer Bar. It’s the perfect blend of casual southern living with a metropolitan flare. It offers over 400 bottles and 30 tap beers to add international flavor.

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