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Tips for conquering spring allergies

woman sneezing from seasonal allergies

woman sneezing from seasonal allergiesAtlantans hate spring. It’s not because we dislike bunnies and sunshine. We simply loathe the thin layer of pollen that coats everything outside. If we stand still too long, we run the risk of getting covered ourselves.

I’m not sure why Georgia is the only state in our region that has such terrible pollen problems. A pollen count of 3,000+ isn’t surprising during April. Common outdoor allergens in Atlanta are pine pollen (no surprise), ragweed, and grass. You really can’t escape them if you ever venture outside. Oddly, I’ve lived in north Florida and visited South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee during this time of year and they’re not stuck in a haze of yellow dust. What gives?

The key is to medicate well. As commercials have told us for two years now, Allegra is available over the counter, along with Zyrtex and Claratin. Different products work for different people, so shop around. Ask the pharmacist which knock-off brands are also effective. You can save money while getting relief.

For a more natural remedy, keep up with your Vitamin C and honey intake.

The threat on your sinuses doesn’t stop once you cross the threshold of your apartment. We carry in pollen, spores, and other allergens on our clothing and our pets. To make matters worse, once your nose, throat and eyes are agitated, common indoor allergens can make matters worse because you’re more sensitive.

To have peace indoors, change the air filter in your AC according to the label’s recommendations. Sweep and vacuum more frequently than you would in winter months; wear a mask when doing these tasks to minimize allergic reactions (or bribe your roommate with pizza to do the cleaning).

You may also consider using allergen reducing sprays on furniture.  Nature’s Miracle, Febreze, and Swiffer make allergen reducers that are easy to apply. Always test for color fastness is a small area before dousing your couch!

What tips would you recommend to Atlantans suffering from seasonal allergies?


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