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Honoring Whitney Houston

Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Image by UggBoy via Flickr Creative Commons

Whitney Elizabeth Houston: mother, fashion icon, and legend.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Image by UggBoy via Flickr Creative Commons

Few people who are writing about Whitney Houston these days actually knew her. We writers are provided with a list of facts—date of birth, records sold, date of death, speculations on cause of death —which ultimately creates an article that seems empty and cold.  What are we really doing to honor the memory of such a talented woman?

There are better ways to honor her.

When news broke about the untimely death of Ms. Houston, I was just entering a ballroom at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with my fiancé. A staff member at the door spoke with another patron in hushed tones. Both were shocked and unsure of the details. All that was known for certain is that she wasn’t at her Atlanta home. Instead, she was in LA anticipating a pre-Grammy celebration.

On the way back to the Hotel Indigo in Midtown, I kept humming, I Wanna Dance with Somebody. It was one of the earliest Houston songs that I remember. I was two years old when it came out. My fiancé heard me and quickly brought the song on iTunes. I also got him to buy I Will Always Love You.  The two songs were romantic since we were just celebrating our engagement but bittersweet as the world had just lost the creative power behind the music.

I chose to remember Ms. Houston by listening to my favorite songs by her and taking a scenic drive through the city that she called home. There are plenty of other ways that you can celebrate her vibrant life:

  • Rock a Hairstyle- Whitney Houston was a fashion icon, especially in the 80s and 90s. Find your favorite style and rock it, even if it’s just for the weekend. If you really want to jazz it up, break out the blue eye shadow and fuchsia lipstick, too. Don’t be afraid to be bold!
  • Host a Party- No need to listen to her great hits alone. Host an impromptu party in your apartment. Keep the jams playing and clear a space in the middle of the floor for dancing.
  • Donate to Charity- Check out a list of her charitable causes and financially support a cause that you believe in.


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