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Herb gardening 101 for Atlanta apartment dwellers

herbs in indoor garden in atlanta
herb box in window of apartment garden
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Garden in limited space without limiting your options.

Most apartments simply don’t come with an abundance of green space for gardening. (Consider yourself lucky if you’re the exception.) While those limitations might prevent you from growing watermelons, you can still be a gardenless gardener. Herbs are an excellent way to start. Many herbs can be grown indoors year-round.

First, determine if your apartment has a location fit for an herb garden. Such spaces should receive at least four hours of sunlight each day.  If you don’t have a space that receives as least four hours of sunlight, there is still hope. Consider using the sunniest space available and complementing it with a growing lamp. Lamp systems are relatively easy to make yourself or you can buy one online for about $20 and up.

Once you’ve found the spot, select containers that are appropriate for the size of the space you have to work with.  Many herbs do well in small planters that are at least 6-12 inches deep. (Herbs tend not to sprawl when contained.) Ensure that the planters have holes in the bottom. Excess water can drain through these holes, which will keep your herbs from rotting or becoming waterlogged. Keep a saucer or tray under each container to catch water.

herbs growing in indoor garden
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If you’ve got a bit of a green thumb you can start your herb garden from seeds. Many find it easier to begin the garden using starter plants, which can be purchased at most nurseries and garden centers. There is no such thing as cheating! Place your seeds or sprouting plants in potting soil. For a boost, consider using soil with organic fertilizer. There are also DIY fertilizer recipes you can explore.

Two great things about herbs is that they grow quickly and don’t require much attention. Oh, and they taste delicious with easy work night meals!

What are your favorite herbs to grow indoors?


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  • I feel safer starting with starter plants. They are already seedling-like but is already alive, right? Herbs are great for many apartments as they do not really occupy too much space.

    • Yes, starter plants are much easier to work with since they only require maintenance (versus starting from the ground up). Truth is, once you transfer them to your own pots or containers no one will ever know that you “cheated!”