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Cavalia brings horse magic to Atlanta

Cavalia's talented horses are the stars of thte show.

Cavalia's talented horses are the stars of thte show.Atlanta residents have probably seen the billboards for Cavalia around the city. They’re a bit nebulous, a little magical, and there is always a horse involved. Pretty, we may think as we drive by. Have you Googled the show while you wait in traffic to figure out what it is? Or did you blow it off as an attraction for tourists or avid horse lovers? The Cavalia ads are cool, but they do very little to promote the truly awe-inspiring and engaging performance that is returning to Atlanta this winter.

Cavalia is a spectacular event that explores the history and relationships between humans and horses. It’s part Cirque de Soleil, part halter and showmanship, and all fun! There will be nearly 70 horses participating, with a grand act that includes 40 horses on stage at once. “So wait,” you might say. “I’m going to pay to see a bunch of horses run around on stage?” Not quite. They perform better that some of the acts that try out for America’s Got Talent. Horses are some of the most intelligent mammals on earth and they are capable of much more than we give them credit for.

Many species have a sense of social hierarchy in their ranks. Positions of leadership are often earned by demonstrations of strength or some special presentation of the animal’s physical characteristics. The toughest and fastest horse in the pasture isn’t always the leader. Horses have a very complex social structure in which leaders are selected based on their intelligence, ability to lead, and experience. Likewise, they don’t collaborate with just anyone. The specially trained horses that will perform are leaders in their herds that have also decided to work with the most talented trainers presented to them. Cavalia is just one of those shows that you have to see before you get it.

Atlanta is the first stop on the U.S. tour (the performances originated in Canada). The shows till take place under The Big Top, the series of pointed white tents that pop up near Atlantic Station. Tickets are on sale now with prices starting at $69.50. Performances are slated to begin on December 7, 2011- January 8, 2012. Shows are appropriate for attendees of all ages.

(Photo credit: Jean-Francois Leblanc, image courtesy Cavalia.)

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