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Feel good, look great: the benefits of exercising outside

fit couple jogging outside

Get more than just a warm weather workout by taking your exercise routine couple jogging outside

Most of us opt to workout outside simply to enjoy nice weather. Did you know that outdoor workouts have other great benefits as well?

Run on uneven terrain Trail running yields excellent results. When you walk, jog, or run on slightly uneven terrain (forest trail or sand) your calf muscles and ankles makes numerous micro adjustments every second. That steady engagement of the muscles and tendons promotes strengthening and development. Studies conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests that running on uneven terrain results in more muscular calves and stronger ankles than running on pavement or the treadmill in your Atlanta apartment.

Indulge in fresh air Outdoor exercise increases our lungs’ capacity and eases strain on our respiratory system.  Secondly, humans simply were not mean to be stuck indoors. Though researches haven’t pinpointed a particular reason why, people who take in fresh air report reduced stress levels and an increased sense of energy.

Get your sunny D Sunshine provides our bodies with free vitamin D. It is recommended that we get at least 30 minutes of sunlight each day to receive our daily dosage. Vitamin D also helps our bodies absorb calcium, which means that by exercising outside we are enhancing our bodies’ ability to create healthy bones.

Enjoy positive stimulation Outdoor conditions are always changing, providing gentle yet effective mental stimulation. This form of stimulation can simultaneously relax and invigorate, unlike electronic stimulation which can cause sleeplessness and fatigue.

Now get off of the computer and go work out!

Atlanta parks with awesome fitness paths include:

Piedmont Park multiple routes up to 4 miles (10th  & Monroe Avenue to 10th and Piedmont Ave.)

Freedom Park Path Trail– 2.4 miles (Boulevard and Freedom Parkway, Atlanta, GA)

Chastain Park– 3 miles (around perimeter of North Fulton Golf Course)

Stone Mountain Park– 19 miles (trailheads at Piedmont Ave and in Stone Mountain Park)




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