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Adopted pets turn an apartment into a home

Please find a home for me.

Please find a home for me.Congratulations on your new apartment. Making your apartment a home means more than decorating the rooms. Home is where family is, and if your family consists of you and the mold on unwashed dishes, it’s time to consider adopting a pet. Not convinced? I’ve got three reasons why pets are excellent roommates!

  1. They’re always happy to see you when you get home.
  2. They won’t invite over their dumb friends and slow down your internet playing Playstation 3.
  3. You can cuddle in bed with them without anyone second guessing you.

Now that you’re convinced (right?), let’s talk about how to find your new furry friend. Skip the animal stores that get their “inventory” from inhumane pet mills. There are many disadvantages to puppy mills, including high prices. The animals themselves suffer from long term problems. Instead, check out a few of Atlanta’s great no-kill shelters. These facilities house perfectly good pets who are simply in need of a home…preferably your apartment.

PAWS Atlanta has been rescuing quadrupeds for 45 years. Each pet is equipped with vaccinations, or you can bring in your newfound stray to receive vaccinations for as little as $20. The site offers inexpensive dog training courses and discount preventative medicines.

Atlanta Pet Rescue is another no-kill shelter that takes abandoned, neglected, or abused pets and helps to place them in good homes. It could be said that pets have a good time earning their keep. APR participates in Pet Pals, an animal assisted therapy program for the elderly, sick, and disabled.

FurKids is truly the hippie of all no-kill, cage-free shelters. This place is full of love, hugs, and dedicated volunteers.  It’s the state’s largest shelter and has earned 6 Best in America Seal of Excellence awards. To boot, it has a super cool thrift store!

Do you have a favorite pet shelter that didn’t make the list? Let us know by commenting below!


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