DIY easy Halloween decorations

You can order them online, buy them from all the way from China, or pay your neighbor’s kids to do it for you by just handing them the right...

hanging halloween bats and witches

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Modern kitchen

Simple DIY Projects to Transform Your Rental Kitchen

Making a rental property feel like home can seem nearly impossible when there are limits to any changes you can make. Rental kitchens are particularly difficult spaces because they are often small, basic, and outdated.
Use these DIY kitchen hacks to make the most of your rental kitchen...

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Decorate with posters

DIY Art to Make Your Apartment Feel Grown Up

At some point in life, usually when you begin working full-time, you want a home that feels sophisticated while still reflecting fun elements of your personal style. You want a space that you can be proud to show your parents, but that is also cool for hosting gatherings of friends. The...

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