Five tips for a good roommate relationship

You may have heard tons of horror stories with roommates playing the “bad guys” part. And most of them are probably true as we are very complex...


Ready for your first roommate?

Ah, college. Where else can you share a bedroom with a total stranger, and be in different beds but sleep so close to them that you can hear their...

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Roommate appreciation day

Have a roommate that rocks? Explore a few simple and fun ways to say thanks.
You know you owe your roommate a lot. She’s taken the dog out for you when your shift ran late; he stood beside you with a can of roach spray in hand when your crazy ex showed up for the ninth time that...

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Pumpkin carving is fun for all ages

Fun fall things to do with your roommate

Relieve stress with incredibly cheesy but definitely worthwhile activities.
Mid fall can be pretty intense for most of us. Classes are in full gear and you’ve only got half a semester to keep an academic train wreck at bay. Holiday parties galore loom in the distance, meaning that...

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Three roommates hugging

Show your roommate some love

It’s easy to get caught up in roommate drama when things go wrong. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to forget to do the little nice things that can short-circuit problems before they become a serious issue. To keep everything happy at home and cool in your castle, mix in a...

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