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What is this? A farm for ants?!

Jenna Spevack microfarmsMeet tiny apartment gardens that pack a major punch, and get your own before April 1st!

The farm to table movement started off with a bang a few years back and it has spread with increased momentum ever since. In an age of hormone-pumped, pesticide drenched, bio-engineered phony food people are simply seeking meals that aren’t frightening. Conscious consumers like the idea of knowing where their meals are coming from.

What if you could grow your own food in a space as relatively small as your current apartment?

There are plenty of options for apartment renters with spacious patios and balconies but a new line of miniature gardens allow renters without outdoor living spaces to experience the joy of gardening and producing their own food.

Jenna Spevack transforms everyday pieces of furniture into microfarms. Desk drawers, bookcases, chairs, and even a suitcase can be used to create a tiny garden with major nutritional benefits for owners.

If you’re in the New York area, you can see Spevack’s work in the form of an art exhibit called “Eight Extraordinary Greens” at the Mixed Greens Gallery. Her exhibit will be available May 3- June 2, 2012.

Renters far and wide can see and support Spevack’s work online via Kickstarter. Learn more about the formation of the microfarms and how natural greens, food, and design merge to form beautiful art. Kickstarter is a fundraising site; if you think Spevack is awesome, please make a contribution to the cause. As a reward, you can get the tools needed to start a microfarm in your own apartment! The Kickstarter campaign ends on April 1, 2012.


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