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@Twitter, will you marry me?!

Twitter love

Twitter loveWhen Twitter launched in 2006, the world had been apprehensive. What was that?! Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No, it was the new social media platform that allowed you to send messages of up to 140 characters. But, in this twisted and fascinating world of ours, we somehow managed to get from Jack Dorsey’s 1st tweet, – “just setting up my twttr”, to a community with 140 million active users and more than one billion tweets sent throughout three days. Insane, right?!

Because on the 21st of March, Twitter celebrated its sixth anniversary, and because six years is a long term commitment, we, the RentCafé Team, take Twitter, to be our wedded social media platform, to have and to hold, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, to love and to cherish, from this day forward.

The Good!

Titanic cartoonWhat we learned to appreciate and love about Twitter are the funny/mysterious/outrageous ways in which people are being  creative with it – be it by impersonating fictional characters or even creating ‘what if’ scenarios. One such scenario is the way in which the people at The History Press have managed to pay homage to the Titanic. In preparation for the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the famous ship on the 15th of April, they have created the profile @TitanicRealTime. Through it, they will tweet Titanic’s journey with day-to-day tweets as if from on board the ship itself. That will probably not end well…

The Not-so-Good, but Hilarious!

Disco promEveryone wants to have a date for the prom, right?! Well, Mika Stone, 18, was thinking the same. But, when all the girls he had asked refused him, Mika started tweeting celebrities asking them to accompany him at the prom. Wait, there’s more! The celebrities happened to be actresses who weren’t……very skilled with using dialogue or for that matter standing on their feet. Well, luck has it, porn star Megan Piper agreed to be his prom date. Must be the luckiest 18-year old alive.  Unfortunately, the star-crossed couple won’t be going to the prom together because the school has banned star Megan Piper on attending. Still, we would like to thank Twitter for giving us the normal people the opportunity to reach for the stars…literally! Thank you, Twitter, and have a wonderful birthday!


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