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The Wise Renter’s Secret Tool In Corpus Christi: Storage Units

East Coast? West Coast? For some, it’s all about the Gulf Coast! Corpus Christi is the place to be for many who seek the comfortable coastal lifestyle without the higher costs of places like California or Florida. But the city, like all others, is steadily growing, which means more space is always needed.

New housing can only be built so fast, and according to official statistics, there are currently almost three persons per household in Corpus Christi. Moreover, homes in Corpus Christie are not among the largest, with apartment homes ranging around 852 square feet, slightly below the national average of 882.

Other solutions exist, of course. When you compare the price per square foot of residential property to the price per square foot of a storage unit, for example, you quickly see the economic advantage that it offers.

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Is self storage in Corpus Christi affordable?

Storage space in Corpus Christi is not only cheaper than the equivalent real estate area, it’s also more affordable in general. The average rent for a 10’x10’ non-climate-controlled unit in Corpus Christi is $109/month, significantly below the rates in Dallas, San Antonio or Austin. A climate-controlled storage unit, which allows you to maintain an even temperature and humidity inside the unit, will cost a little more than that, but it’s definitely better than using a room in your home for storage with the AC on.

How does self storage help?

The reason self storage is such a good idea, especially if you’re renting, is that it allows you the flexibility that even some homeowners might not have when moving. You can settle in at your own pace, and you can bring into your new home only those items that you will need on a regular basis.

And speaking of things we do on a regular basis, there are plenty of reasons for using self storage outside of moving. Corpus Christi sits by a gorgeous bay, and that means two things – boating and fishing! Hobbies take up space in our hearts but sometimes they take up a little too much space in our homes, so storage units come in very handy for situations like these.

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Where can I find storage units in Corpus Christi?

Most self storage facilities in Corpus Christi are found in South Side, closer to the ocean, and there are even two facilities out on Padre Island – Padre Island Storage and High-Dry Storage – if you want to keep your gear even closer to the water.

Of course, the usefulness of storage is not limited to boating and fishing. In fact, the biggest value that self storage can add to your life is when you use it to free up space at home. Families use it to declutter, and retirees use it when downsizing in order to keep their cherished possessions for the next generation. Small businesses and contractors can also make good use of storage units to keep equipment and inventory.

Regardless of what you need them for, self storage units in Corpus Christi can help you in your endeavors and make life even more pleasant in the Sparkling City by the Sea.

George Stoica
George Stoica
George is a Real Estate Writer and Lifestyle Editor for Yardi, with a background in languages, marketing and YouTube content creation. He is now seeking to bring his love of detail and storytelling to the world of real estate. You can find him browsing Age of Sail books at your local bookstore, probably...

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