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10 Things Every Adult Should Have in Their Bedroom

When you’re living on your own for the first time, the bedroom isn’t usually the first place you jump into designing. That may be because your living room is begging for furniture and décor to impress your guests, or your kitchen needs stocking so you can finally cook for yourself.

All too often, young adults end up with just a basic bed, a dresser, and little more. But, if you want to create your own little oasis, get a fantastic night’s sleep, and store your stuff like a pro, you’re going to need a few adult bedroom basics. Here are our top 10 things every adult should have in their bedroom:

A quality mattress

As an adult, your back should be one of your top priorities. That’s why the first thing you should buy for your bedroom is a great mattress—if your budget allows. Take care of yourself by choosing the right one. Memory foam mattresses are best if you’re looking for support, and latex mattresses are great if you want to stay cool; you can even get a combination of the two.

A headboard

Why get a headboard if there’s already a perfectly good wall you can lean against while you’re reading? First of all, a nicely designed headboard can tie your room together; it can function as décor while being practical. Second, while you can lean against the wall, relaxing with a cushioned headboard is a lot more comfortable.

A trendy bedspread

Technically, you could skip this one. But, an adult bedroom requires a sophisticated bedspread. The room will instantly look more stylish, winter nights will be warmer, summer nights will be cooler, and you’ll have an extra blanket around the house in case of an emergency.

Seasonal bedding

If you live in an area where the weather changes significantly with the seasons, do yourself a favor and purchase seasonal bedding for each type of climate. There’s really no excuse for stacking uncomfortable blankets on a flimsy comforter or sleeping with a bedsheet on top of you when it’s hot out if you can get quality, comfortable bedding for every season.


There shouldn’t be much of a discussion when it comes to nightstands. If you’re adulting, there shouldn’t be empty tea mugs on the floor, books stacked around your room, moisturizers under your bed, and so on. Get nightstands to store all of your bedroom essentials, make space to display your best photos, and keep your phone somewhere other than lost between the covers.

A stylish wardrobe (if you don’t have a closet)

An adult bedroom does not include rickety clothing racks or dressers made out of storage boxes. A quality wardrobe will come with all of the storage space you need while making your bedroom look considerably more chic. Plus, if you get a durable wardrobe made from high-quality wood, you’ll have it for years to come.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains

Floor-to-ceiling curtains will make any room look bigger and any windows look larger. They also fall better, make your bedroom feel cozier, and block out a lot more light if you also have blackout curtains. Speaking of blackout curtains, get them. You haven’t lived until you’ve slept in pitch-black darkness right up until the moment when your alarm goes off.

Dimmable lights

It’s difficult to start your day by getting out of bed, turning on your lights, and being greeted by the burning fire of a thousand suns. Conversely, when you’re ready to settle in for the night, trying to read in too-low or too-bright lighting conditions can make it hard to wind down. Dimmable lights are a must for any adult bedroom. Plus, now they’re easier than ever thanks to dimmable lightbulbs.

A lamp

If you really want to up your bedroom game, get a trendy lamp to go with your new lighting design. If you have nightstands, tabletop lamps can save space. Or—if you have enough room—try a standing lamp to tie the room together and make it considerably cozier. Finally, be sure to use yellow lightbulbs—we are talking about your bedroom, after all, and you don’t want it to have the sterile feeling of a white glow.

A versatile ottoman

Ottomans are among the most versatile pieces of furniture, and they don’t get enough credit. Purchase a quality stool and you’ll get a beautiful design element for your bedroom, a sitting area other than your bed, and some extra room for your things—all in one. When it comes to storage, you can keep your blankets in or on it, or arrange your magazines on top of it—there are plenty of ways to make it work.

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