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RENTCafé – STORAGECafé Power Duo Makes Renting Truly Easy

Moving to a new place requires plenty of effort and coordination. Yardi’s newly launched service, StorageCafé, makes things easier for renters by providing detailed, accurate information about the self-storage facilities in their neighborhoods.

What Is STORAGECafé?

You’ve finally found your new apartment – RENTCafé did its job seamlessly; you’re now planning to move but, as always, things get complicated at this stage. The lease on your old apartment expires sooner than the new apartment is available. You need to find a place to store your furniture, clothes and the rest of your belongings for a few days, or even longer.

That place must be as close as possible to your new apartment, it has to be affordable and accessible at any time of day and night. That’s where STORAGECafé, an online service that allows you to search for self-storage facilities, comes to the rescue.

A simple online search that only takes a few seconds will direct you toward the most conveniently located facilities in your area of interest. Besides location, you can check prices, size of units, and you can also contact the companies directly to discuss any other details you’re interested in.

Why you need STORAGECafé

Whether it’s local or long-distance, moving is always a logistic challenge. A search on STORAGECafé will give you information you truly need:

  • where to store all your stuff until your new apartment is ready to be occupied;
  • how much it is going to cost you;
  • how to book a unit;

STORAGECafé allows you to plan ahead, saving you from unplanned expenses and the stress usually associated with changing homes: contact a self-storage facility located near your new apartment, rent a unit and talk to the manager about the extra services you might need during the move.

Many self-storage companies provide convenient premier amenities, such as concierge and delivery services. You can, for example, rent a truck to transport all your belongings to the self-storage facility you selected and, once you get there in person, you can arrange for everything to be delivered at your new apartment.

How to use STORAGECafé

The search tool is user-friendly and covers all the aspects you might be interested in. Let’s assume that you’re planning to move to Houston, Texas. If you do a search for that area, you’ll find hundreds of listings, which you can then refine by neighborhood or Zip codes. You can even trace the area you’re interested in on the map yourself. Moving the cursor over one of the listings gives you the first insights: the name of the business, the size of units and the price range.

By clicking on a particular self-storage location, you’ll get even more details, such as all the unit sizes available, the price for each size, and the other amenities they offer. In other words, the information you need for choosing the right self-storage unit is only a couple of clicks away.

Take the Stress Out of the Move

RENTCafé and STORAGECafé is a powerful duo that gives renters access to a treasure trove of data and makes finding a new apartment and moving into it so much easier. About 25,000 storage facilities are already listed on STORAGECafé.  Many of the self-storage facilities in our database are located in busy areas, which means that our listings cover a relatively high proportion of the country’s population. We are also adding new ones all the time, aiming to provide a service as complete and as comprehensible as possible for our users.

Discover Apartments Near You

At, the perfect apartment nearby is just a click away.


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