Storage Hacks for a Closet Deprived Apartment

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You love everything about your new apartment. It’s affordable, it’s near your favorite coffee shop, and the neighbors are quiet. What more could you ask for? Well, some closets would be nice!

Our friends at Modernize have put together a set of smart decorating ideas that should give you plenty of space to store your stuff and will also get you exercising your interior designing muscles. Plus, they’ll be right at home with your existing design aesthetic.

Hang It All

If you live in a small apartment, you’re going to have to start thinking vertically. That’s where command hooks really come in handy. Headphones, handbags, hats, and hair ties can all make a cozy home hanging on your wall. Moreover, they require no drilling or nailing to install, which should make your landlord happy.

Corner Clothes Rack

Don’t abuse your blazers by folding them! Hang them on a clothes rack installed diagonally across a corner. All you need to buy is some hardware. This tutorial uses a reclaimed pipe for a neat industrial feel. Instant hanger space!

Clothes rack

Via Mint Love Social Club

Modern Pipe Rack

Need more than just a corner’s worth of hangers? Get twice the space with a practical freestanding clothes rack, also made from pipes you can purchase at your hardware store.

Roll Your Shirts

If you’re closetless, your dresser is going to get a lot of use. Make the most out of every inch by rolling your T-shirts military-style. You’ll save space and you won’t mess up your drawers digging through layers of clothes. Perfect!

Rolled shirts in drawer

Via Bella Savvy

Bed Risers

Under-the-bed storage is where it’s at! It’s a great way to get twice the functionality out of your space. And the easiest way to boost your bed is to use bed risers, which can give you a few more inches to fit a larger storage container. We love these bed lifts which feature a place to plug in and a device charging station to ensure that you get the most out of your outlets.

Bed lifts for under-the-bed-storage

Via Bed Bath & Beyond

DIY Platform Bed

If you want to go pro with your under-the-bed storage, then check out this bookcase bed, that uses IKEA Expedit shelves to form the frame, guaranteeing that you’ll have room for everything from shoes to hats to DVDs.

DIY Platform Bed

Via Vanilla Joy


But that’s not all that bookshelves can do! If you’re pretty attached to your current bed frame, try out this bookshelf bench instead. It uses the exact same concept—an IKEA bookshelf gone rogue—and turns it into a cute and useful bench! With just some foam, fabric, and a staple gun, you can have this baby crafted and sitting in your living room in no time. As a bonus, this one makes a great option if you have lots of files or papers to store.


Via Mommy Vignettes

Vertical Linen Basket

No closet for your towels? No problem! This vertical linen basket idea is the perfect marriage of space efficiency and simplicity. Plus, we love the way it adds interest to a bathroom wall.

Vertical Linen Basket

Via Pinterest

Build Your Own Pantry

That space between your refrigerator and the wall can do more than just gather dust. Check out this plan for a roll-out pantry that tucks in that overlooked space, giving you an out-of-the-way place to stash your spices.

Roll-out pantry

Via Classy Clutter

Open Closet

Having no closet doesn’t have to be a curse. In fact, in today’s age of apartment living, the open closet concept is becoming downright trendy. Check out this post for some ideas of how people have done it. We particularly love the clothing racks made from tree branches!

Open Closet

Via Modernize

With all this space, you’ll never feel afraid to buy some new duds. Time to go shopping!

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