The Hows and Wheres of Keeping Fit in Jacksonville, FL

Have you rented a place in Jax and would like to know where you can enjoy a vigorous workout? Keep reading!

Moving to a different city is always a challenging and time-consuming decision that brings about several changes in every renter’s life. From not knowing what the best places to shop, enjoy a good meal and work out are, to the possibility of coming across a difficult landlord and taking all the wrong buses, a question that begs to be asked is: “Does it have to be this way?”

The answer is: “Absolutely not!” While these fitness centers can quickly be uncovered after a bit of exploring, we decided to spare you the time and effort of figuring options out by yourselves.

Here is a list of great local businesses in Jacksonville FL to help every fitness and wellness enthusiast accommodate to the Jacksonville scene, depending on the type of activities they enjoy doing.

Fitness and exercise

Whether you’re a powerlifter or just enjoy some light cardio, Jacksonville has all the options:

Definition Fitness

Keeping motivated and making the smart fitness choices can not only improve quality of life but can also lengthen one’s lifespan.

Definition Fitness is here to help you make those smart choices, with a team of professional trainers, fitness and nutrition specialists that are prepared to advise and guide you along your path to a healthy lifestyle.

Working with their team of pros, you can expect to move better, feel better, and look better. On top of that, they also come with positive attitudes to keep you in the right mindset and help you stay motivated. As they say, when it comes to fitness, “it only works if you work it”.

Anytime Fitness

As an international top fitness franchise, with thousands of locations around the world and the ultimate team of personal trainers, the Anytime Fitness experience is in a league of its own.

They offer a diverse array of solutions and membership types that seem to be covering every type of gym-related need. There are plenty of choices, from individual memberships to discounted collective memberships for companies that want to invest in the health of their employees and they also have an online fitness app.

No matter if you’re an avid gym junkie or just a novice who wants to lose a couple of pounds, you’re bound to find something to suit your needs at the Jacksonville location of Anytime Fitness.

The GYM Jax

Squeezing a workout into your routine while also attending to your social life, career and family can be a tough row to hoe in today’s society. However, if you’re a gym-goer with social butterfly tendencies and little time on your hands, The GYM Jax might just be your place of power.

Kill two birds with one stone by attending their group classes, a great way of toning your physique while enjoying the company of your fellow gymmies. You have a host of options to choose from, ranging from Jax Best Bootcamp and X-fit to Barre classes, held by their very own professional instructors.

To top it off, they also have a high-end, fully equipped facility where you can indulge in some intense heavy lifting or break a sweat on the treadmill. If you’re a Jaxon with a fitness agenda or plan on becoming one, do not miss out on paying them a visit.

Yoga & Wellness

Looking to gain some peace of mind or simply need a good, healthy stretch? Jacksonville has all the right spots for you to get centered.


At times, we all need a moment to regain our balance in order to keep going about our daily lives. Mbodyyoga is just the place for you to have your moment, reconnect with yourself and destress while also building up your strength and flexibility.

They are keen on welcoming new practitioners and offer very generous discounts for the first 40 days of training, as well as slower-paced classes to help get the newcomers acquainted with the basics of yoga.

They even offer teacher training programs for people who want to learn to share their yoga practice with others. If you have a passion for yoga, Mbodyyoga’s decade of experience in the field could be the answer for you.

Soluna Yoga

Stressful schedule? Long office hours and barely any time for yourself? Dedicate a fraction of your already tight schedule to an activity that can raise your self-awareness and improve your overall physical shape as well, like yoga!

Soluna Yoga offers all the means for you to reach a higher state of consciousness and tone your muscles. With classes that range from gentle, alignment-focused yoga to restorative practices, mobility training and even pre and postnatal yoga, Soluna Yoga can help you become the best version of yourself.

Find out more about them and the awesome additional services they provide by visiting their blog.


Being conflicted over which activities to dedicate our spare time to, in order to make the most out of it is a frustration we often stumble upon. Should we work out? Should we listen to music? Should we go out and be social?

Perhaps the answer is dancing, the activity that combines all of the above!

Florida Ballet

Ever dreamed of being a beautiful ballerina and graciously gliding across the dance floor? Well, if you happen to be renting in Jacksonville, it is all possible by attending the classes provided by The Florida Ballet.

With a team of extraordinaire ballet professionals, some with careers spanning over three decades, you are bound to receive a training to make your muscles sore and your heart rate soar.

Learn all about their top-notch services right here.

 The Dance Shack

Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha, and Merengue.  If you like the sound of that, you must add a visit to The Dance Shack to your bucket list. They teach a wide variety of dances – Latin and otherwise – and offer a free newbie class, to get you familiarized with your options.

You can have one-on-one lessons or group classes, depending on your interests and dance your way to a leaner physique while also learning some of the hottest ballroom dance moves.

If dancing is amongst your passions, The Dance Shack makes it easy for you to learn and develop, with affordable memberships and a diverse “syllabus” of styles.

Dance Trance

Fitness in Jax

Described as a “high-energy dance experience that leaves you soaking wet”, Dance Trance is nothing short of a cardio lover’s dream workout.

They have multiple locations across the US and offer various class levels, depending on availability, age and experience, with classes that are meant to accommodate newcomers and children.

An additional detail that makes their appeal skyrocket even more, is their Health and Nutrition Program, where you can get useful info and tips on how to effectively cleanse and have a nutrient-rich meal plan to help keep you in shape.

Martial Arts

If self-defense hasn’t been one of your priorities to this day, it might be time for you to start looking. Here are a couple of great Jacksonville options:

Karate America

Having expanded all over Florida, Karate America is a place where one can expect to improve their physical and mental strength, as well as develop on a personal level by increasing their self-confidence and learning how to defend themselves.

The Taekwondo techniques taught here are meant to mold around each individual depending on their own unique level of ability, thus helping them reach personal goals at their own pace.

If you feel like learning to stand up for yourself correctly and responsibly while also keeping your fitness in check, do pay Karate America a visit at their Jax location.

Gracie Barra Jacksonville

Aiming to train body, mind and spirit, the Gracie Barra Jacksonville facility is ideal for any seeker of fitness, discipline and equilibrium.

There are several reasons to join their classes, including their Jiu-Jitsu practices. Gracie Barra offers an exciting way to get fit, unlike many other gym workouts, which can become boring once you settle into a routine. Also, it can be an ideal group fitness activity that you can enjoy with your family or group of friends.

Even more exciting is how diverse their program options are. They have everything from private training to programs especially tailored for women. And for the little ones, there are special kids’ programs as well as a summer camp.


Jacksonville Ice

Ever imagined yourself hovering all over an ice rink like a gracious swan… or a hockey player? Take your first steps on the ice and learn all about staying fit while trying to stay on your feet.

Their offer includes everything from skating classes for beginners and kids to figure skating and hockey classes. They’ll even let you celebrate your birthday on the ice, so if you happen to be renting in Jacksonville and you haven’t visited them yet, definitely consider it!

Also, do not miss out on their public ice skating hours, for some extra practice and some good cardio.

Outdoors and Waterways

With more shoreline than any other city in the United States and several miles of navigable water, Jax is a hotspot for watersport enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors in general.

With 22 miles of beaches, decision-making should be every hydrophile’s biggest challenge. Here are some of your best options if you love water-related activities:

Surfing in Jacksonville


If you’re a beginner looking for an adrenaline rush, such as the one you get from challenging the fury of the ocean while riding waves, you could try taking a stroll along the shore at Atlantic Beach.

If you’re experienced and looking for something more challenging or for some buddies to share the waves with, you could go to “The Poles”, in Hanna Park or to Huguenot Park. They are both favorite spots for local experts.

Hiking and Kayaking

If you like communing with nature, taking long walks and paddling, Little Talbot Island and Big Talbot Island State Parks are worth a visit.  They boast camping sites, guided kayak tours, hiking trails and unique areas with scenic views such as Boneyard Beach.


Ever felt like exploring the depths? Jacksonville gives you the opportunity, with a reef system that stretches for over 40 miles and is home to several species of colorful marine fish. This alone makes it one of the best diving spots on the East Coast of Florida.

The artificial reef system comes with several ship and plane wrecks that can be explored by avid divers, providing an exhilarating underwater experience.

Did your favorite fitness spot not make the list? Get in touch and let us know about it!

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