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Keeping Fit in Austin: 13 Complete Workouts That Will Get You Addicted to an Active Lifestyle

City life and the daily back-and-forth can be overwhelming, especially if you’re living in a bustling city like Austin. The constant background noise and continuous running will make you feel tired and drained of energy sooner than you’d expect. So what can you do to make sure you have plenty of energy for all your activities? No matter if you’re the sporty type or not, the key to a nice energy boost is to have an active lifestyle and maybe start working out.  As in…right now!

“Keeping Austin Fit” is the motto behind the amazing initiative to keep each and every Austinite healthy, happy, and thriving. And in true “Keep Austin Weird” spirit, the city accommodates all tastes and preferences, even the more eccentric ones. From aerial dancing, indoor rowing, and surfing to the more traditional kickboxing, cycling, or Pilates, there are plenty of fitness options in Austin to choose from. Take up any of these fun, yet demanding workouts to get into an enviable shape and kick your energy level up.

To narrow down your choices, here’s a shortlist of 13 awesome fitness activities you can take up right now in Austin – and some of the best places in town to practice them. Special tip: the first class is free, in most locations!

Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness in Austin with SkyCandy

Does “Let’s fly together” sound like a cliché? Well, it’s as real as it gets! This is what Sky Candy – Austin’s premier circus training center – promises through teaching people of all fitness levels and all body types fun aerial classes. Start your circus adventure by joining their beginner class, Intro to Aerials, where you’ll get familiar with the most popular aerial apparatuses: Trapeze, Silks, Hammock, and Lyra. Continue with an Intro Series and get off the ground with a specific apparatus. However, if you’re not ready to get in the air, ground-based classes are also available, including fitness, dance, flexibility training, handstands, clowning, burlesque, and more. Sky Candy is also a great venue for private events and parties, so consider offering your friends a group flying experience on your next birthday for an utterly unique bachelorette party. It’s going to be epic!


Barre3 in Austin

Barre3 is a full body balanced workout combining strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness. Their signature approach is a 3-step sequence for a strong and balanced body: Step 1: Isometric Hold, Step 2: Small Range Movements, and Step 3: Large Dynamic Movements. Barre3 benefits both the mind and the body, as you’ll feel stronger, stand taller, and feel better all day long, as well as empowered, less stressed, and more confident. There are 5 studios throughout Austin for you to choose from, all of them offering play lounge packages for your little ones, so you can bring them along and exercise carefree. Barre3 Membership includes unlimited classes in the studio each month and barre3 online classes – offering you access to 300+ workouts and how-to videos, nutritional guidance, and expert support.


At CrossFit Central, you’ll stumble upon so much more than merely a strong workout. Fitness is just one part of the wellness spectrum they believe in. Additionally, they focus on nutrition, recovery, resilience, and supplementation. You’ll discover a community-style approach, as families, professionals, kids, teens, and 50+ men and women are all welcome to join. This is also reflected in the type of classes they offer. CrossFit is about constantly varied functional movements, performed at high intensity, but scaled for everyone. If you’re a woman and want to feel empowered by an awesome group of supportive women, try the Women’s Only classes. For those looking to compete at higher levels or athletes who need additional training in smaller groups (up to 5 people), the Performance Training classes will do the magic. Got kids? Boys and girls of all fitness levels, ages 11 to 16 years old, learn to love fitness through fun games, challenges, and relays in the CrossFit Kids class.


Bouldering is definitely something to try out and a workout that will challenge you both physically and mentally. If you’re unsure where to flex your climbing muscles in Austin, head over to Crux Climbing Center. The facility boasts 22,000 sq. ft. packed with rope climbing and bouldering walls, as well as fitness spaces and yoga rooms, a kids’ area (Panda-monium Room), and a lounge space to hang out and meet new and old friends. Make sure to complete the waiver before you arrive, so you’ll join the action sooner. There are several climbing areas, of various difficulties, such as The Future Wall (a dynamic bouldering area that can be reconfigured) or Chill’s Lounge – The Bouldering Cave (the largest bouldering cave in Central Texas). Don’t worry if you don’t have your own equipment, rentals are available on the spot.


If you’re not into the big box gym thing but prefer a friendlier and local workout community, then Austin Fitness Center in South Austin is your go-to fitness destination. This family-founded, owned, and operated fitness venue takes pride in their friendly attitude, clean location, and exceptional equipment. They eliminated all the unnecessary paperwork and taxes, such as contracts or initiation costs, so you get to pay merely the listed price + tax. Speaking of prices, an individual membership is $28/month, but if you convince all your family members to join, then opt for a family plan, that grants you and your better half access for merely $20/month/person, and $10/month for all additional family members. Andy Bruchey, owner and personal trainer, is here for you if you’re also interested in personal training sessions. Stop by anytime for a complimentary day pass!

Indoor Cycling

Cycling in Austin with FlyWheel Sports

The Flywheel Sports experience is one of a kind, combining stadium cycling classes with precision training workouts to help you build a body that knows no limits. Their signature in-studio high-intensity interval training ride, called Method, boasts heavy hill-climbing moves, sprints, up-and-down jogs on mixed terrains, and races with your mates for a memorable full-body workout.  Take it one step further with the Power class for experienced riders or go with Tempo, if you like rhythm and beat-based cycling. When you’re not crushing it in the stadium, the FlyBarre (light weights, high reps), FlyFit (heavy weights, intense drills), and FlyRecover (restorative, regenerative) classes complement your training. If you want to Fly in Austin, see their exclusive intro offers and membership rates.

Indoor Rowing

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary and exciting workout that will uniquely challenge you, we here present you Rō Fitness. The indoor rowing studio founded by two former collegiate rowers boasts an excellent full-body, time-efficient cardio workout. Classes challenge everyone, no matter their fitness level, so that anyone can do it by learning the correct technique from day one (INTRō class), and avoid injuries when using the Concept 2 Indoor Rowing machines. Their signature class is the Cardio Rõ, a 55-minute interval all-rowing workout. When temperatures are between 50 and 85 degrees and there is no chance of rain, try the Sunrise/Sunset Rō class, when machines are moved on the balcony for exercising outdoors. Rowing will engage your arms, legs, back, and abdominals by combining strength and cardio, and you’ll end up burning up to 800 calories per class. Are you an Austin resident? Enjoy your first week for FREE!


KickBoxing in Austin with KnockOut

KNOCKOUT’s owners Melissa and Diane changed the game and turned the kickboxing workout previously only available in intimidating MMA gyms to an accessible and fun experience that everyone can do. KNOCKOUT is full of first-time kickboxers and fitness enthusiasts who are getting in fighting shape with this complete, full body workout. KNOCKOUT’S signature kickboxing class combines heavy-bag work with body-weight exercises, all packed in a 45-minute group class, energized with music and dim lighting. Don’t be shy if you’ve got no experience, the team of motivational instructors will introduce you to kickboxing fundamentals and techniques in every class. KNOCKOUT’s Book-A-Bag system guarantees you’ll get an astounding experience on your own dedicated heavy bag to punch and kick, with zero sparring or no partner work. Boxing equipment is available for rent and purchase in the studio (first boxing glove rental is free!). Get ready, set, kick!

Martial Arts

Lions Krav Maga in Austin

It’s never too late to take up self-defense classes, especially when you want to combine working out with the higher purpose of learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones from street muggings or assaults of any kind. At Lions Krav Maga, you’ll learn not only incredible fighting skills but also effective defensive tactics. These new skills are useful under stressful situations, as they are based on each person’s instinctive response to danger. Anyone can take up Krav Maga, no matter their current physical shape, as with each class you will notice improvements in stamina, core strength, and overall fitness abilities. On top of this, classes also focus on the mental elements, enhancing your inner strength, self-confidence, and ability to make quick decisions. For kids, you may want to consider the Krav Junior SKILLZ program, a comprehensive self-defense and anti-bullying program. Sign up for a free introductory class today!


Voted the Best Pilates Studio in Austin, Kor180 is an incredible venue for those who love Pilates but want to combine it with cycling, for a total body workout. There are 2 locations in Austin to choose from: one downtown, in the 5th Street Commons building, and one in North Austin, on Burnett Road. If you’re here for the first time, check out the ‘new client’ deal, and get to know the studio (both locations) by taking unlimited classes for just $50/2 weeks. You can then decide upon the type of membership or package that best suits your needs. The first recommended class for newcomers is Foundations, a 45-minute session that introduces you to the korFormer equipment, the primary posture, and the basic Reform skills that you’ll eventually build on. More advanced classes include Reform (full-body strength workout), Mixed (power ride + upper body and core strength training), Ryde (rhythm riding + power training), and Mixed+ (a 75-minute session). Remember to book your spot online before you arrive.

Surf-Inspired Fitness

CitySurf Austin

“Book Your Board” is something you won’t hear all day at a regular gym. But it’s the norm at City Surf Fitness, a new and exciting fitness concept waiting for you in Austin at 1500 S. Lamar Blvd. Jump on board and enjoy either a 35- or a 50-minute surf-inspired group workout, using stability-based training boards. Every single class features a different format, to help you achieve a full-body workout in no time. Not sure this is the right kind of workout for you? City Surf offers a trial membership with unlimited classes for an entire month. See their schedule right now, and check out their blog for the best advice, from at-home workouts to healthy recipes, and fitness tips. In three simple words: Surf. Sweat. Sculpt.


To learn how to swim, improve your swimming moves and skills, or just to keep fit, head over to the amazing swimming complex Nitro Swim. This Swim School has three locations in the Austin area (Cedar Park, Bee Cave, and Steiner Ranch), boasting the area’s only indoor Olympic sized facilities, each with 23 swim lanes and a dedicated lessons-only pool. The water temperature is a comfortable 80-90 degrees year-round. Everyone is welcome here, from 6-months old babies who are just getting familiar with the water to adults who want to learn from the best instructors around. Kids learn lifelong lessons, so they will get to love water and be comfortable and confident in any aquatic environment. Grown-ups can take Adult Swim Lessons, and learn to swim while keeping fit. Nitro Swim is also a leading competitive swim team provider, offering high-quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities.


Black Swan Yoga has gathered a community of instructors that are encouraged to express their own interpretation of the practice. This freedom has led to a friendly and loving atmosphere, welcoming all, and accepting all. Studios are spacious and bright, lobby-free, featuring custom artwork, and various choices of music. Most sessions are Flow – sweaty vinyasa classes that create a balance between quick movement and steady pose holds, and Hot Onnit – a mat-based fitness class combining yoga with strength and conditioning programming, with the use of a diverse range of equipment. The Power class works best for more advanced yoga postures, while the Beginner class is ideal for those just starting out with yoga, as they’ll learn the fundamentals of Flow. Take Yoga anywhere with you with the Yoga + Meditation online package, available for only $8/month (try it, there’s an 8-day free trial before you commit to a plan). Finally, know that Black Swan Yoga is also a Registered Yoga School, should you plan on becoming a Yoga instructor yourself!

Leading a more active lifestyle, working out regularly, and sticking with this healthy routine (even when you feel like giving up for a million reasons!) is no easy task. Find out what motivates you and be confident that the mental and physical benefits will surely appear.

How do you work out and what’s your go-to sports facility in Austin? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below. Also, feel free to drop us a line at if you know any other Austin-area activities or venues that should be on this list, and we’ll add them in no time!

Nicky Iudean
Nicky Iudean
Nicky is a Senior Communications Specialist for RENTCafé.com, where she researches and writes about real estate, interior design, and all things that spark renters’ interests. She is also your go-to person for content collaborations. Nicky double majored in Marketing and Applied Economics and holds a master's degree in Marketing Strategies and Policies. You can reach her via email at

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