7 Gorgeous Green Spaces from Apartment Buildings to Relax In [Editor’s Picks]

rooftop garden northshore

Lately, weve learned just how important it is to love the home we live in and appreciate what we have. Especially for those who live in big cities, it’s even more important to be able to access a small corner of nature — be it in the form of a cozy patio, an enclosed courtyard, a comfy balcony garden or an exquisite rooftop terrace. 

So, we set out on a quest to find some of the most beautiful green spaces built into apartment communities in big cities all over the countryAnd now, were sharing some of the best so we can appreciate their beauty together. Let’s take a look! 

Northshore in Austin, Texas 

northshore pool garden

With lush and robust greenery, this leisure area at Northshore in the heart of Austin offers the perfect spot for respite. 

terrace garden

After working hard all day, rest your eyes and your soul by lying down in the shade of the trees or taking in some sunshine by the pool. 

leisure area northshore

It’s the perfect place not only to gather around the fire pit after dark, but also to sip a cup of coffee as you watch the sun come up. 

grill garden northshore

The Bowie in Austin, Texas 

rooftop garden bowie

Nature and modern amenities coexist in the heart of the busy city. Complete with a luxurious pool and edgy, poolside décor, here you can relax and enjoy the sunset after a hot summer day.

pool bowie austin

Grab a cool drink and kick back in the shade of the trees overlooking the beautiful city. 

green space rooftop

HWH Luxury Living in Los Angeles, Calif. 

hwh pool

Luxurious living is defined by the amazing rooftop garden and leisure zone of LAs HWH. The elegant design of the natural area gives you peace of mind and a comforting place to relax with a glorious view of the city of angels.

hwh pool view

Take cover in the shade during the sunny days while working from home, or relax in the evenings with a good book by the pool. Clearly, this is an oasis in the middle of a concrete desert. 

hwh aerial view

Parkside Apartments in Birmingham, Ala. 

parkside apartments rooftop

Enjoy a moment of peace relaxing in this beautiful enclosure. This gorgeous area of Birmingham’s Parkside Apartments is an ideal spot for the summer evenings when all you want is a chilled glass in your hand and the feel of the cool breeze on your face. 

parkside apartments firepit

Piedmont House in Atlanta, Ga. 

piedmont house pool

This is an area complete with all you might need for the summer — from well-groomed greenery to a cozy fire pit, a lovely grill area and a refreshing swimming pool. 

leisure area

Plus, enjoy a barbecue and rest by the pool while being nurtured by some muchneeded sunshine — it’s really a dream come true.  

rooftop firepit piedmont house

Towers at Rincon in San Francisco, Calif. 

towers rincon view

The minimalist design of Towers at Rincons relax zone is the perfect background for a peaceful retreat in the bustling city of San Francisco. 

rincon relax area

Here, you can get lost in your thoughts and contemplate the beauty of this world while gazing at the city and enjoying the water and iconic scenery. 

Strata at Mission Bay in San Francisco, Calif. 

strata mission bay garden

A lovely space that combines natural elements in the landscape and in the design, Strata at Mission Bays recreation area offers its residents an open space to take in the sun and relax during a day off or after a busy workday. 

All of these areas combine both nature and modern design for the perfect balance of solace and city life. So, which space would you choose to relax in? Let us know your favorites and share your own green spaces with us by tagging us in your pictures. 

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