Keeping Fit in Houston: Guide to the Best Workout Spots in Space City

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Like celebrities, big cities often have such bold and intense personalities that we either love them or we hate them. But there’s one thing they all have in common, rapid change. New buildings rise almost overnight, and businesses suddenly move to new locations. Therefore, living in a city like Houston entails a lot of energy invested solely in finding all sorts of spots you like, such as the right coffee shop, a less crowded laundromat or a good workout place. Sometimes you may do a lot of exploring in search of those perfect spots for your day-to-day routine and get no immediate results, which can add some frustration to an already stressful lifestyle.

If you think about it, living in the city means constantly running from one place to another day after day. Does this count as workout? Not if you’re wearing your jeans and laptop bag, it doesn’t! So, don’t try to fool yourself into thinking that running for the train was your cardio exercise for the day. Instead, check out some of the best places for keeping fit in Houston where you can burn calories for real, indoors and out.

Gym and Studio Workouts

Fitness & Crossfit

Motivation to work out can come naturally, like when you realize your favorite jeans don’t fit anymore. But if it’s not that simple for you, the trainers at Studio Fitness can help you find out what drives you to make room for physical exercise in your busy schedule. In order to meet individual needs and expectations, the studio offers a variety of programs, including personal training with an instructor as well as upbeat group fitness. Or, you can get familiar with their unique Facet Seven program. The gym can even deliver an effective exercise program directly to your workplace. If any of this appeals to you, look for their gyms in East Downtown and Heights.

But if you’re more of a trooper and you’re looking for something more intense to strengthen those muscles, you should try CrossFit at H-Town. The coaches here aim to develop individually dedicated and challenging programs. Although their story started out in a garage eight years ago, H-Town is presently a well-equipped facility in the heart of Houston.

Workout spots in Houston


There are more gentle ways to let off steam. If meditating and flexibility exercises are closer to your heart, you should try yoga at a nearby Life Time club. Their locations cover the breadth of Houston from the city center to the outskirts like Kingwood and Cypress. To accommodate everyone’s practice level, Life Time offers different programs to soothe both the mind and body. They even hold weekly sampler classes where you can do a bit of everything: fundamental poses, meditation, yin, and vinyasa.

Martial Arts

Practicing martial arts confers many benefits, including fitness, self-confidence, discipline, and focus. Located on Bellaire Blvd., Bam Bam Martial Arts offers programs for adults and children as well. The trainers can teach you jiu-jitsu, kickboxing and most importantly, self-defense exercises – although hopefully, you’ll never need those skills. Everyone’s welcome to register for their classes, so no need to worry about your experience or your fitness level.


Some people don’t realize that dancing is a form of workout as well, one that we practice so often and with such ease. Besides the undeniable joy of moving to the sound of music, burning calories is another benefit you get out of it. River Oaks School of Dancing in Houston will get you going. The trainers here can teach you foxtrot, waltz, rumba, salsa, tango, swing, bolero, and other styles. Choreography can have serious impact, helping you to gain more confidence, and even improve your pose and balance.

Outdoor Activities and Adventure Facilities

Outdoor Activities

Not everyone is into complex exercise programs or crowded gyms. Maybe you prefer some alone time to gather your thoughts and go running out in the fresh air. Or hop on your mountain bike and hit the trails. Running and biking are great ways to work out and burn calories especially in designated spaces, like park trails. Memorial Park is a place where you can do both. Little Cambodia trail is best for biking while Ho Chi Minh is a better option for running.

If you live in the far west side of Houston, you can also try George Bush Park. You’ll find paved as well as dirt trails here that are both shorter and easier – go for a run or take your bike for a spin on the edge of the bayou. It does flood every now and then, though, sometimes even after a light storm, so make sure it’s not closed before you set off.

Wall Climbing & Bouldering

If you’re a fan of indoor activities and you’re feeling adventurous, bouldering and rock climbing might be the thing for you. At Texas Rock Gym on Campbell Rd. you’ll find 14,000 sq. ft. of climbable surface, if you’re up for the challenge. For the best experience, the facility will offer you safety training that covers the risks of the activity. Whether you’re a climbing aficionado or you’re totally new to this, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your subscription at Texas Rock.


Swimming is one of the most complex forms of physical exercise because it works your entire body and makes your heart and lungs stronger. Apart from all the health benefits, swimming can also be a fun activity so if you want to try one of the most popular pools in Houston, go to Quillian Center. There’s a large pool for adults with diving boards and a slide, and a smaller pool for kids called Noah’s Ark. The latter one has gained fantastic popularity among Houstonians due to its play area, depicting the biblical ark.

If you want to take swimming lessons, the YMCA center is an excellent option regardless of age. Their instructors have always been esteemed for their training skills and friendly attitude. You can register for different programs for free or obtain a facility membership for low fees.

Did we cover all the great workout activities you can practice in Houston or is there some other workout you do and would like to share with us? If so, drop us a line at and we’ll consider adding it!

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