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White elephant gift ideas people will fight over

Oscar toothpaste dispenser

Oscar toothpaste dispenserFinding the perfect white elephant gift can be somewhat of a challenge; the gift (generally) must be quirky, hilarious and/or outrageous and the best ones also retain an element of usefulness. Do keep in mind that finding a white elephant gift is nothing to stress out about – it’s all in good fun. Here are a few ideas and places to go to help you out.

Walker, Texas Ranger: Pick a season, any season. Any given season of Walker, Texas Ranger will likely be under $20, but watching Chuck Norris kick some ass is priceless.

As Seen on TV: Head to Walgreens or the As Seen on TV store in the mall and pick up just about anything. Find a Shake Weight, a Slap Chop, a pair of Snuggies or some skin tag remover. Okay, so maybe nobody will fight over skin tag remover, but it’s still funny.

Moon Someone: Little known fact: Sam Moon, Luggage and Gifts (always located right next to the regular Sam Moon storefront) has a whole slew of weird, funky and interesting finds (like Handerpants, underpants for your hand, or a wine/liquor bottle holder in the form of a very suggestive looking pirate).

In your Office Space: If your white elephant shindig is at the office, you really can’t beat the Swingline red stapler (ironically, Swingline didn’t start making red staplers until after Office Space came out). For that little extra something special, encase it in Jell-o.

When in doubt, hit the sauce: If you really can’t think of anything, alcohol is always a great go-to. Buy either the best you can find within your price limit or be a little cheeky and by the most you can find in your party’s allotted price point. Pair it with a silly vessel of sorts and you’re good to go.

Finally, there is always this little nugget of awesomeness.

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  • I am part of a team of white elephant aficionados, so we love it when you talk about white elephant gift ideas.

    Our testing for 2012 has demonstrated that at the low-priced end, that the slingshot duck or chicken is great for party fun. But the favorite for this year is the Dancing Cat Speaker!
    I hope that these ideas will help… Happy Holidays!