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How to Bring Southern Charm into Your Apartment

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Perhaps you’ve finished hunting for that perfect place in Atlanta or just got done looking for apartments for rent in Houston, but your new home is lacking the Southern charm you’d hoped for.

Fortunately, Southern design is all about comfort and simplicity, and decorating your home to this design aesthetic doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Below are some quick tips to create an authentic country design scheme. Try this in your apartment to bring out its inner Southern Belle.

Welcome warm colors

Warmth and comfort are primary staples of Southen design. Rich, warm tones mixed with soft, earthy accents are first on the list if you want your apartment to feel as welcoming as possible. Nothing says “cozy” like warmth, so incorporate it into every detail you can—from soft, indoor rugs and exposed brick or wallpaper that looks like it, to brass faucets and textiles in warm hues.

Additionally, if your apartment can’t fit a chandelier to simulate the old-fashioned Southern class, find a vintage light fixture with warm-colored light bulbs, instead.

country bedroom

Use plants and bring the outside in

It’s easy to remember the country sunset in a room that breathes nature. It’s no secret that potted plants and flowers reflect a natural feel, but you can go even further. For example, your Raleigh apartment might not come with a porch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring nature inside. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different light materials and textures like cotton or linen, especially in shared spaces such as the living room or entertainment area. Go for wooden pieces of furniture, throw pillows, flowy curtains, and ironstone details with handcrafted and woven accents.

Next, add a splash of green and incorporate natural elements wherever you can; greenery and earthy blends are beneficial in every apartment, and even more so when you need that rustic touch.

house plants

Put the spotlight on the kitchen

The kitchen is an exceptionally easy place to design in a country style as it brings together an array of farmhouse staples. Because most country-style kitchens have an open design, a quick hack is to display wooden kitchen utensils instead of hiding them in drawers.

To replicate a traditional, Southern kitchen feel, choose wooden shelves and cabinets, open shelving, tile backsplash with intricate models, and hooks on the exposed walls and ceiling beams for your pots and pans. And, don’t forget to add a big bowl of fruit on the countertop!

Pay attention to details

When it comes to country décor, never underestimate the power of little trinkets scattered around the house. For instance, you might include family heirlooms and framed photos, or invest in antique-inspired items from local flea markets.

Keep in mind that a more rustic design typically steers clear of gold or sparkly accents. Instead, choose iron blends and textile items that can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing—like handcrafted pottery and mason jars, which offer a variety of DIY possibilities; use them as candy jars, vases, or candle holders to help make your home more inviting.

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