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Find the Perfect Pet-Friendly Home! Here’s the Know-How You Will Need

Pets are an extension of your family. But renting an apartment or home as a pet owner can be difficult. Most landlords are reluctant to accept pets because they fear property damage. And it makes sense. No one wants to deal with damages caused by your cute, furry little friend. Luckily, there are a few ways to put the odds in your favor and move into your dream apartment without leaving your pet out in the cold.

Pay a deposit

A pet deposit or pet rent gives your landlord peace of mind. They can relax and feel reassured that even in the worst-case scenario, they’ll be covered. It also shows that you are a responsible pet owner. But reassuring your landlord won’t come cheap. The pet deposit will be a separate cost from the deposit for other house damages, and you’ll only get it back if your pet behaves as well as you promised it would.

Find a pet-friendly location

You know how it goes–location, location, location is the most important part of finding a home. And it’s true for finding a pet-friendly home, too. If you’re planning a big move to a new state, you’ll want to look at the most pet-friendly states across the country, which will include the most pet-friendly parks, businesses, and laws in regards to pet safety. If you’re making a smaller move, it’s still a good idea to look for a place in a pet-friendly location within town.


Get pet references

Sure, your pet is an angel—at least as far as you are concerned. But the more people back up your claim, the more likely you’ll convince to your landlord. So get some pet references ready, either from past landlords or family and friends. If other people can attest that you’ve been a responsible pet owner in the past, your landlord will probably be more optimistic about you bringing your pet along.

Create a pet resume

Highlight your pet’s strengths. Let your pet shine by creating a resume that shows off their best qualities and personality traits. You can also provide your landlord with your pet’s vaccination schedule, showing that they’re healthy and up-to-date with their medical visits. And as an added bonus, include your pet’s certifications and awards, if you have any, to showcase what a great pet you have.

Finding a rental property as a pet owner is not always easy. You want a place that you and your pet will both love. These tips will help you convince even the most skeptical landlords by showing that you’re a responsible pet-parent, and that your pet is well-behaved.

This guest post was written by Olga Papadimitriou from, your source for Home Security and Safety advice.

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