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Apartment Buildings of 2018 Will Help Renters Be “By Themselves with Others”

Say goodbye to movie rooms, tanning beds and tennis courts as the apartment industry is set on revamping the amenity list. A recent article from the National Apartment Association shows that developers are planning to welcome renters in buildings where they can be “by themselves with others”. According to several apartment industry executives, 2018 is the year for technological advancements tailored to the renters’ ever-changing needs.

The focus this year is to boost the feeling of community inside the apartment building and bring people together. Residents care about their privacy but at the same time they enjoy interacting with other people without having to leave the comfort of their building. This is even more of a priority for residents who work from home. Ken Valach, CEO of Trammell Crow Residential agrees that “the number of renters wanting an ability to get out of their apartment and socialize more with their neighbors is increasing. […] We are doing all we can to try to encourage that type of behavior. We see venues being designed to encourage residents to socialize.”

To be able to entertain guests or meet up with neighbors, residents will have cross-functional areas such as a bike-coffee bar room. Movie rooms will be a thing of the past as they will be replaced with flexible rooms that can be used both as work and gaming areas. As for the outside space, there are many options to encourage residents to socialize. One Orange County community, built and managed by Alliance Residential, opted to install an outdoor kitchen, complete with a Neapolitan wood fire pizza oven.

Another big focus for developers in 2018 will be creating spaces for relaxation and hobbies, including designated areas for pets like pet-washing stations and dog parks. Although habits and needs might change with time, one thing’s for certain: pet amenities will continue to be a must in 2018. Fitness centers, walking/jogging paths or swimming pools are also here to stay as they’re still a must-have in most communities.

Special attention is also given to Millennials and their creative endeavors. One specific amenity they will be happy to have would be the maker room, thinks AMLI Residential chairman and CEO Greg Mutz. This is a studio or workshop where they can engage in group activities or work on DIY projects. Adding new amenities or replacing outdated ones is definitely a necessary step towards improving the attractiveness of a certain community and make the residents feel right at home.

So if you’re keeping track of the newest trends in amenities, expect to see these sought-after amenities replace the now-obsolete tennis courts, tanning beds and common areas for wine storage, according to industry executives. MAA CEO Eric Bolton says that they “are trying to repurpose some of these areas into more special settings, such as coffee bars, for more people to come together.”

Source: National Apartment Association

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