8 Inventive Gadgets to Tech-Up Your Bathroom

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With technology becoming more advanced by the hour, we can only hope to keep up with every new feature, gadget, app, or device. And, while phones, TVs, game consoles, appliances and computers are what usually come to mind, there are also other items that enable you to keep your home up to date with the latest technology trends.

Your bathroom is one of the places that tends to be left out when it comes to emerging technology. Fortunately, we did some research and came up with a list of 8 gadgets that you didn’t know you needed in your bathroom.

One-handed soap dispenser

This type of soap dispenser is a great way to avoid having to use both hands when getting soap to wash your hands. Having either a c-pump design or being automatic, this gadget allows you to get soap in your hand while preventing the top of the pump head from getting dirty, thus keeping it germ-free. It works with any type of liquid soap and is available in various colors, just like any regular soap dispenser, making it a great addition to your bathroom.

Bathtub disco lights

While taking a bath is often associated with a relaxing experience, some may prefer listening to dance music as opposed to lighting candles. So, for those bath-takers, bathtub disco lights are a must. These waterproof, battery-powered, floating lights allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for a party-themed bath. So, turn off the lights, put on some music, make some bubbles, and enjoy your bath party.

Toilet paper holder with phone tray

If you’re one of those people who is glued to their phones, the chances of you leaving your phone when you go to the bathroom are slim. Fortunately, you can purchase a toilet paper holder that comes with an integrated phone shelf, to make your life easier. The tray can also hold any other small item, such as keys, a wallet, or glasses. Even better, it comes with a self-adhesive pad so you can easily place it wherever it best suits your needs.

Toothpaste dispenser

While a toothpaste dispenser may seem like a new level of laziness, it’s actually a very practical device to have in your home. In fact, this gadget prevents you from using more toothpaste than necessary, while also ensuring that all of the toothpaste is used, without you having to struggle to squeeze out the last little bit. What’s more, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t require batteries or electrical power. You just press the lever to dispense the toothpaste with your toothbrush.

Luxury bath pillow

While having a bathtub that comes with spa features is ideal, when living in a rental, you usually have to settle for what you get. But maybe not! You can actually buy a bath pillow and spa cushion that converts your regular bathtub into an ultimate spa experience by providing comfort from your head all the way down your back. If you’re a bath-lover, this is a must-have addition to your bathroom.

Motion-detecting toilet light

Inevitably, nature will call in the middle of the night. And, while some of us are skilled at finding our way through the dark, others may need to turn on the lights, which is not the most pleasant thing when your eyes aren’t adjusted. Fortunately, you can buy a motion-detection toilet seat that illuminates when you approach it, giving you just enough light to get your business done, without waking you up too much.

Waterproof notepad

Have you ever remembered something you need to buy or do when you’re in, where you have nothing to jot it down on, and then forgot it by the time you got out? For these moments, you need a waterproof notepad. It comes with waterproof paper, as well as a pencil with an eraser so you can write down everything that comes to mind as you enjoy your shower.

Aromatherapy shower kit

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a bath. That said, there’s also a gadget that allows you to embrace the same relaxing experience even while taking a rush out the door shower. It includes a support that holds essential oil pods under the water while you get clean so you can enjoy your shower routine while with the aroma of complete relaxation.

There are many gadgets that allow you make every corner of your home more technologically trendy. So, while you’re looking to tech-up your bathroom, or searching for an apartment for rent, make sure to seek out items that can make your current (or future) bathroom the ideal place to accommodate all of your needs – both natural and technological.

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