3 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Stay-At-Home Friendly

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As much as getting dressed up for work was something some of us enjoyed (while others not so much), working from home has limited the extent to which we can embrace fashion and take full advantage of our wardrobes.

However, the home office does come with its advantages. Specifically, all those comfy clothes that, just a few months ago, we wished we could wear to work but couldn’t are now our go-to choices. But, unfortunately, being too comfortable doesn’t always help with productivity. So, here are some ways to make the most of your closet while working from home!

Organize by type of clothing

One of the easiest ways to figure out what to wear is to organize your closet by type of clothing. Not only does this allow you to quickly grab what you need to wear each day, but it also enables you to keep what you don’t need right now stored properly in one place. Likewise, it’s also important to organize your clothes by season because, depending on the temperature in your home, you may be wearing layers or just a T-shirt and shorts.

Keep comfortable clothes handy

Being inside all or most of the day, you may not want to wear jeans or dressy clothes. For this reason, comfortable, looser clothes are a better option. Whether it’s some joggers, sweatshirts, T-shirts, leggings, or elastic-waist or wide-leg pants, you’ll definitely want to keep them easily accessible in your closet. Also, be sure to consider the material of the clothes. Given that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in them, you won’t want anything uncomfortable, so avoid stiff and synthetic materials.

Feel good in what you wear

For some of us, getting too comfortable in our clothes — especially when working from home — can reduce productivity. For this reason, throwing on a pair of comfortable jeans and a hoodie can do the trick to allow you to be comfortable, but not as “loungy.”

Along the same lines, you should also like what you wear. After all, what we put on should make us feel good, and that shouldn’t change based on who is or isn’t there to see us. To that end, a good indicator of whether you’re wearing something you feel completely comfortable in — both physically and emotionally — is whether you would step out of your home to go to the store without changing.

Finally, while we’ve been spending more time inside lately than we normally would, it’s important not to give up on our appearance. So, wear clothes that not only allow you to be comfortable, but also that make you feel like you’re ready for anything — right from the comfort of your own home! And if you are currently looking for your next home, check out apartments for rent on RentCafe.

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