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3 Breezy Housecleaning Tips to Survive Allergy Season

As exciting as the arrival of spring is, with it bringing the warm weather and paving the way for summer, the blooming trees and flowers are not a favorite among those of us suffering from allergies. Unfortunately, we can’t control what happens outside, as mother nature is independent- in its nature. However, we can control what happens in our homes, including the allergy factors that can make spring time miserable. Below are several tips to help you lessen exposure to allergens within your home.

Regular cleaning

With dust and pollen filling the spring air, homes are more prone to dust accumulation. Because of this, it is important to regularly clean our homes. You might need to vacuum as often as two time per week and wash the sheets every week. When cleaning the floors and dusting the furniture, it is important to use damp cloths or mops to trap the allergens as opposed to spread them in the air. Depending on individual cases, wearing a mask while cleaning can also help.

To prevent mold, it is important to properly clean the bathroom and avoid liquid cleaner on the furniture that is not water-resistant. Fragrance-free cleaners are also recommended as they eliminate the risk of symptoms being triggered by the smells.

To ensure that your home remains clean and as free of dust and allergens as possible, make sure to remove your shoes at the door. This eliminates bringing and spreading the particles further into the home. Also, try to keep pets outside of the bedroom, as animal hair can further enhance allergy symptoms.

Air conditioning as opposed to open windows

While opening the window to let fresh is something so normal that we often do without thinking about what else enters our home, when it comes to allergies, it can cause more harm than good. Air conditioning can in turn filter the air and get rid of all the dust, pollen, mold particles and any other allergens within our homes. While it is important to air out the living space every now and then, it should be something done as often as needed depending on everyone’s case of allergy.

If you are not a fan of air conditioner, there are also in-room air purifiers that are practical and easy to use.


Finally, it is not recommended to air dry clothes. While hanging clothes on a clothesline in the sun is not only energy efficient, but also good for the clothes, it can cause problems for those with allergies. Being outside, the clothes can attract dust and pollen and bring them directly in contact with the skin once you wear the clothes.


Keeping more things than we need lying around our home can not only get in the way of everyday life, but it also allows for dust to accumulate. Because of this, spring cleaning can include getting rid of things that we don’t need, and with the warm season ahead, it could give us an opportunity to organize a garage or yard sale, or to simply donate the items.

Rugs are also known to trap dust so the more rugs that we can get rid of, the less dust-filled house items we have to worry about. Not only are they hard to clean but if dealing with allergies, they can cause further problems and enhance the already dreadful symptoms.

Suffering from allergies is definitely not ideal, but the fact that we are constantly surrounded by allergens makes it that much worse. While there’s nothing we can do to control what surrounds us outside, in our homes we have the possibility to determine how much we are willing to let the allergens control our lives.

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