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7 Tips for Moving during Winter Months

moving during winter

Winter is fast approaching. As the weather is getting colder, you’re preparing your favorite clothes for the chilly season, and you’re staying inside more and more, huddled up in your apartment, drinking some hot beverage. However, if you’re thinking of moving to a new apartment during the next couple of months, you have to say goodbye to coziness and warmth for a little while, as a winter relocation can be an icy challenge.

Of course, it’s not all a cold nightmare. On the contrary, you can enjoy the upside of a winter move if you do it the smart way, put safety first, and don’t neglect the current pandemic’s effects on your relocation. To make it seem like a breeze, you have to keep in mind a few things. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of tips for you that will come in handy during a winter move.

1. Don’t Do It Alone

winter move

It’s no secret that moving during cold months adds various layers of stress and preparation to the whole process, especially compared to a summer relocation. To make things as easy as possible for you, ask for help and hire a moving company. Nowadays, it’s relatively simple to find a local moving company that has services tailored to your needs, considers efficiency a priority, and puts safety first, especially following coronavirus protective measures. A moving company will make sure you and your belongings will be in good hands.

2. No Weather Surprises

The only thing that can mess up your move is the weather. So, keep a watchful eye on it and don’t forget to check it regularly. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, take a look at the weather forecast at least once a week leading up to the relocation and then daily one week before the relocation.

If it seems like the weather will be bad on moving day, don’t take chances: call the moving firm and discuss the details with them. Telling them all your concerns is the right step to make, and they’ll let you know whether the relocation is possible knowing the circumstances. A professional moving company knows that it’s better to postpone a move if a blizzard shuts down roads and puts the whole moving process in jeopardy.

3. Clean Driveways and Sidewalks

clean sidewalks during winter move

Carrying heavy items is extra dangerous during winter, mostly because of icy sidewalks, streets and sideways. If you want your move to be as safe and efficient as possible, make sure your major walkways are clean. You can use salt, a snow blow and a shovel to make them ready for the move. Of course, the movers can do this, too. However, because the movers are paid hourly, they’ll charge you more if they stay for too long. Take care of cleaning the walkways ahead of time and save some money.

4. To Heat or not to Heat

Trying to heat your apartment to an optimal temperature can be tricky when the front door needs to be open for the movers. It’s just a waste to let your heating system do all the hard work for nothing. Try turning the heat down or completely off to avoid wasting precious energy. Plus, you’ll save on utilities, too.

Of course, you don’t want your apartment to get too cold. You can heat up one room to turn it into a warm up zone. The bathroom is a perfect choice, as it’s usually the smallest one in your home. Place a space heater there and keep the door closed if possible at all times. Why is this necessary? When you feel too cold, you can take a break and warm up in the bathroom.

5. Don’t Forget about your Pets

winter move with pets

When you have a dog or a cat, their safety should be a top priority. An excited or overly curious animal can be in the way and underfoot during the move, so you need to put them in a safe place. Because your bathroom is small and heated, it’s the best choice right now. However, if you feel like that’s not good enough, hire a pet sitter or take your animal to a daycare.

6. Pandemic Precautions

pandemic winter move

Moving during winter comes with its difficulties, but when you have to do it during a pandemic, you need to go the extra mile for total safety and efficiency. Although the moving firm you’ve hired will take the necessary measures required now, you should do your part, too. First and foremost, if someone in your family or family members experiences COVID-19 symptoms, let your movers know about it.

Also, provide various hygiene products for everybody, clean all your items properly, don’t use free or recycled boxes and plan every detail of the move like a pro. It’s not impossible to move during the pandemic, but you need to follow all the standard rules, such as proper sanitization and social distancing.

7. Check Your New Apartment Before Moving Day

The cold weather makes everything more complicated on moving day. Before you arrive to your new place, make sure that the heating system is ready for your arrival, and all of your utilities are set up. You don’t want to arrive and realize that there’s no heat, electricity or internet. Also, thoroughly analyze everything, from the state of the appliances to the cleanliness of the home, at least two days before moving day, so you have time to get stuff fixed if needed.

Moving during winter months doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Actually, you will likely appreciate the home more after you’re set in and ready to start fresh in a cozy and novel environment. We hope these tips have proved useful and now you’re feeling more prepared to take on the challenge.

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