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5 Packing Tips for Your Upcoming Move


As you prepare to move and are checking things off your moving checklist, there are many logistical details you should prepare for: picking a date, securing a moving company, purchasing packing supplies, changing your address with the post office, and much more.

Packing is one of the most complex and daunting tasks for many people as they prepare for their move since a rental of any size will be packed full of items to transport to the next location. Here are five of our most useful packing tips for your upcoming move:

Tip #1: Remove and downsize clutter

Before you even pack your first box, perform a diligent cleaning of your home. Throw away any trash you may have accumulated, and donate the clothes and furniture you no longer need. The logic is simple: the more belongings you have, the more packing you will need to do. The more boxes you have, the longer the move will take, which will end up costing you more money.


You will want a fresh start in your new space, so make sure you’re getting there only with essential belongings. A yard sale can be a great way to earn some cash while getting rid of excess clutter. Take any items you don’t sell and give them to your local Goodwill.

Tip #2: Buy appropriate packing supplies

While you are preparing your items for packing, you may find free boxes available at grocery and liquor stores. Although this can be beneficial sometimes, other times the boxes may be damaged, cheaply made or the wrong size for your packing needs.


It can help to ask a friend who recently moved if they have extra boxes for you to use, or you can ask your moving company if they have a materials department where you can buy durable, trusted, and professional moving supplies. Many companies offer a delivery service for moving materials as well, so ask your move consultant what options are available.

Tip #3: Label boxes on all sides and triple-tape the top and bottom

During the packing process, make sure you label your boxes on all sides and distinguish each box by contents and which room it’s going in. This helps your movers know where to place the box during the offload and will help you when looking for specific items while unpacking. You can also use colored stickers to know where each box goes, such as blue stars on boxes for the bathroom and green stars for the kitchen boxes.


When you are sealing your boxes, we also recommend sealing them three times, rather than once. This offers extra protection from the elements and any impact they might take from the movement of the truck while in transit.

Tip #4: Make arrangements for safely moving large appliances

Many of your smaller belongings will be easy to pack and organize, as they often fit into storage containers or boxes. When it comes time to address larger items and appliances, you might feel overwhelmed and confused about how to safely prepare them for the move. Which is why we suggest planning in advance.


The first step is to disconnect the appliances prior to the moving company’s arrival. Most moving companies will not touch hard-wired appliances or anything connected to gas, such as stoves and dryers. You will need to leave these items in the hands of electrical professionals. Make sure the appliances are cleaned and the cords are secure to make sure there won’t be any damage to the items while in transit to your new home.

Tip #5: Ensure each item is protected before the move

Due to the sheer volume of items you need to pack, it’s very tempting to throw everything into boxes without strategy or protection. In the long run, this easy way out is not worth it if you end up with damaged belongings.


We suggest getting creative with how to shield your items from possible impact during moving. Packing paper is reliable, but other materials you already own can assist as well. You can use toilet paper rolls to protect wrapped extension cords, cotton balls in your makeup compacts to prevent breakage, towels and blankets to create bumpers in boxes, and your rolling luggage as storage for heavy, sturdy items.

Although packing can be stressful, it will be all worth it once you’re settled in your new residence. Whether you are moving locally or moving long-distance, your upcoming move will be an exciting investment in your future.

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