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10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Texas

   Brought to you by Jonathan Deesing

There’s a reason five of the nation’s eleven fastest-growing cities are in the Lone Star State. It’s cheap, big, and a new economic juggernaut. If you’re considering moving to Texas, here are a few things you should know before you get there.

1. Unique Texan Lingo

From clichés to adages, Texans have their own unique brand of sayings and phrases. You’ve likely heard “y’all” and “bless your heart”—both claimed as original to Texas. But what about Texasisms like “What kind of Cokes do you have?” and “fixin’ to”?

2. Inexpensive Rentals

Renters can live large in Texas—like multi-bedroom units with pool and tennis court access in the heart of Dallas, where the average rent is under $1,100 a month. Apartment complexes in Dallas aren’t stacked on top of each other in high-density, outdated spaces, so it’s easy to find contemporary buildings with plenty of quiet space in modern, updated units.

10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Texas

3. State Pride

Texans love Texas. Complaining about the state or relying on stereotypes won’t garner you any friends. The majority of Texans are kind, down-to-earth people who will embrace newcomers. Just make sure you radiate pride for the state they love.

4. Football Fanaticism

It doesn’t matter if it’s major league-, collegiate-, or high school-, Texans love their football. The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans are the state’s two professional teams and even if you’re not a fan, you better get used to water-cooler talk about the latest games. Texas has more Division 1 football schools than any other state in the United States. Local high school football is also big in the state, drawing out entire towns for games in their huge stadiums.

5. Cheaper Electricity Bills

Texas is one of twenty-three states with a deregulated electricity market, which means dozens of companies deliver power to residents. The deregulated companies in Texas all buy power from the same grid and then resell it to consumers. With plenty of competition, Texas is the tenth cheapest state for electricity. If you’re renting, where you get your energy from can depend on your landlord’s choice, but many renters have the option to choose their own power provider.

6. Limited Public Transit

If you’re moving from an urban hub where public transportation was how you got around, you’ll need to buy your own set of wheels in Texas. Though Texas has a pretty impressive public transportation system—Dallas is home to DART, the largest light-rail system in the country—the state is so spread out that everyone drives their own car. The population growth means freeways are often under construction, so locals recommend you get a TxTag, as it will allow you to take toll roads for a shorter commute.

7. Unique Weather

Various degrees of hot and summer-like months are the typical climate in Texas, though a short winter season is always entertaining. Even though winters in Texas are almost always mild, roads and businesses will shut down with barely an inch of snow or ice on the roads. Texas is also a major tornado capital with an average of 132 tornadoes afflicting the state each year.

8. Incredible Food

There’s a reason the state has its own brand of cooking style, from Tex-Mex to Texas BBQ. Texas is nationally famous for their delicious food. This state is also known as the home state for the hamburger and the fajita. State cuisine is vast and varied, so becoming a foodie in Texas is pretty much inevitable.

10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Texas

9. Big Bugs

Because it never fully freezes in the state and the climate is so warm, there are a lot of bugs living in Texas. From scorpions to cockroaches, creepy crawlies thrive in the Lone Star state. And the worst part is they often come in swarms. Chiggers—the spider-like mites that live in grassy areas and cause itchy bites—are also something to keep in mind for the outdoorsy.

10. No State Income Tax

Texas is one of only seven states in the United States where there’s no income tax on wages. The state is funded in part by taxes and royalties on the oil and gas industry in addition to a 6.25% sales tax and taxes on vehicle sales and fuel. The average per-capita state and local tax is $3,099, which is the eighth-lowest tax rate in the United States.

From the football teams to the cuisine to the bugs, it’s true what they say: everything really is bigger in Texas. Learn everything else you need to know about the state at

Jonathan Deesing is a home services specialist and freelance writer—his coverage includes a variety of industries, including solar, moving, and ISPs. When he’s not writing you can find him fixing up his cute new house. 

Balazs Szekely
Balazs Szekely
Balazs Szekely is a qualified journalist with extensive experience as a real estate writer for several Yardi publications. He has covered a wide range of housing issues and real estate news as a creative writer for RENTCafé. Balazs holds a B.S. in Journalism. You can connect with Balazs via email.

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