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Little Expenses That Add Up to One Year’s Rent [Infographic]

Everyone’s complaining about the high cost of rent. An average monthly rent of $1,200 adds up to $14,400 per year. It sounds like a lot. But these non-essential and often overlooked expenses eat up about the same amount of money out of your annual budget when you count them all up.

So you may not agree that coffee is a “non-essential.” But what if you knew that a year’s worth of wasted food costs as much as one month of rent? Last night’s dinner leftovers may look a little more tempting next time you open the fridge.

Check out this cool visual and see which little expenses take the biggest bites out of your budget: 

RENTCafe - Little Expenses that Add Up to One Year's Rent

*Disclaimer: To compile this infographic, RENTCafe has collected data from several public sources and media reports – click here for the complete list of resources. This infographic has been produced for information purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice.

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