Struggling with Managing Your Budget? Here Are 5+ Personal Finance Apps Renters Should Look Into

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Money is always difficult to manage, whether you have a lot or little of it. There are monthly recurring payments, like rent and utilities, transportation, food and countless other purchases we make periodically. If you have roommates some of these expenses are shared, so there is some financial relief. However, this may lead to complicated cost splitting, and saving or losing even the smallest amount of money can make a big difference. This is where technology comes to our aid with personal finance apps, to help you handle your money and valuables wisely.

Although there are many options for you to choose from, we’d like to help you in finding some of the best, so let’s introduce you to our favorites.

Our Favorite Personal Finance Apps



The days of managing your personal finances on paper are as good as gone, now that you can use a software like CountAbout. With this personal finance app you can import data from platforms like Mint or Quicken and make budgeting easy by accessing your expenses and income graphs. CountAbout memorizes your recurring payments and transactions, and syncs data from your personal accounts. It has an uncluttered, user-friendly interface with custom categories to help you stay organized. If you’re curious to try it out, you can sign-up for a free 15-day trial.

The app is available on both IOS and Android.



They say the smarter a person you are, the more forgetful you tend to be, and with a busy schedule and fast-paced lifestyle, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep track of what you lend or borrow. To avoid awkward conversations with your roommates and peers about who owed who those $5 or whether that book was returned or not, you can always get an app to keep track of all personal debts, bills and loans. IOU (I Owe You) is a fun debt organizer that stores all debts and loans, emails your debtors, and notifies you whenever someone is overdue.

It’s available on App Store and Google Play.


Fallen acorns have an interesting way of collecting on the ground without you ever even noticing. The investment app called Acorns claims your money will start accumulating without you even noticing too.

The app is designed to help you save and invest money you won’t even know you’re missing, like your spare change. By using Acorns, every purchase you make via credit or debit card will add the remaining spare change, up to an even dollar, to your Acorns account. So, while you’re out spending, you’re also saving. If you think this is the best part about the app, here comes more: you can open your own investment portfolio that will allow you to buy bonds and stocks, and even open an IRA so that the future finds you prepared.

Acorns is available for both IOS and Android.


Sharing may be caring, but so is giving back what you owe. Having roommates comes with a lot of advantages, but also with a lot of math doing since there are so many living costs to be settled and split.

If you’re looking to avoid headaches and possible misunderstandings, you could use Splitwise, the personal finance app that will do the math for you and your roommates and notify everyone who owes something to someone. So next time you pay the electric bill, you don’t need to worry about being a few dollars short, because you and your roommates probably didn’t do the math right. Nor do you have to worry about that restaurant tab you paid in full, never knowing if everyone paid back what they owed you. Splitwise will do all of that for you for free. Even more, when you move into a new apartment with your mates, the app’s rent-splitting calculator will tell you exactly how much each person should pay based on the size and qualities of every bedroom in the house.

Splitwise is available for IOS and Android.


Venmo is a personal finance app designed for friends and family to send and receive money among each other. Whether you’re going out to dinner or you’re taking care of a long groceries list, Venmo splits the bills and even the tips for you and your list of people. You can request an amount of money or pay it back at any time, to any of your friends. You can even create a Venmo account, transfer money to it when you want, and pay in different apps for food, clothes and much more. The app allows you to do more than just split costs. It gives you the opportunity to send a birthday gift or even repay someone for making a nice gesture to you.

Venmo is available on App Store and Google Play.


No more spreadsheets when discussing bills among roommates. YSplit is a free app that lets you list all your utilities and streamline the payment while splitting the costs between roommates. You connect your providers—be it water, energy, Wi-Fi, or even Netflix—and YSplit completes the transaction when a payment is due. Then, you and your roommates will each be billed automatically with your share of the total. The app sends reminders before the payments are due and when you are billed, and it guarantees secure transactions.

You can share this app with your roommates directly on Messenger or WhatsApp.

Is your favorite personal finance app on this list? If we missed it, please drop us a line at and we’ll consider adding it!

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