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How Much Space You Can Rent for $1,000 in These 84 Ohio Cities

  • For $1,000, you’ll get about 40% more apartment space in Ohio than the 670 square foot average in the 100 most populous U.S. cities.
  • Of the 84 Ohio cities included in our research, Warren and Beachwood had the largest and smallest apartments, respectively, for $1,000.
  • Use the calculator at the end of the article to find out how much space you can rent in Ohio, whatever your budget.

Undeniably, space is something that we all came to appreciate in the past year during the pandemic, as it became increasingly more important for everyone, especially apartment dwellers.

So, RENTCafé analysts reviewed how much space you could rent across Ohio for $1,000, which is close to the state’s average monthly rent of $983. Based on Yardi Matrix data — and a bit of research — we’ve highlighted the cities where apartments offer the most and least bang for your buck.

It turns out that Ohio is a great place to call home, as most cities here offer rather spacious apartments. On average, you can get 947 sq. ft. of living space for $1,000 in the state, considerably more than the 670 sq. ft. you can rent for the same amount in the top 100 most populous cities. This means that Ohio apartments offer 41.3% more space for the same price.

We put together the following infographic, which compares apartment sizes in the 84 Ohio cities included in our study. The size of the tiles represents the actual proportion of apartment space available for $1,000. 

Throughout the state, the size of apartments you can rent on a $1,000 budget varies from 630 sq. ft. in Beachwood to more than twice as much space in Warren (1,340). Notably, although they fall on opposite ends of our ranking, these two Ohio cities are only 44 miles apart in the North-Eastern part of the state, close to the shores of Lake Erie.

Top 5 Cities with Most Apartment Space for $1,000

Warren, located in the Youngstown metro, is where you can find the most apartment space in the state, of 1,340 sq. ft., for that fixed amount. The city has an average rent of $668 — one of the lowest in Ohio — making this community of almost 40,000 people an affordable place to live in.

Meanwhile, a thousand bucks can also pay for generous amounts of square footage in other cities, like Trotwood (1,251) — which is just outside of Dayton —, as well as Whitehall (1,217), a city six miles East of the state capital of Columbus. West Carrollton and Springfield also made the top 5, with 1,167 sq. ft. and 1,156 sq. ft., respectively.

All of these cities boast local average rents between $670 and $820 — below the state’s average — making them great choices for those looking for ample apartment space and lower rents.

Top 5 Cities with Least Apartment Space for $1,000

Conversely, the least space you can get for the same money in Ohio is usually in cities where rents are higher, but overall the quality of apartments is better. For example, Beachwood apartments — where rents go for an average of $1,860 a month — offer around 630 sq. ft. for $1,000.

Next up are Oxford and Blue Ash — which despite being a couple hundred miles away in Cincinnati metro — are both among the cities in the state where apartments are less spacious. Specifically, in Oxford you get only 671 sq. ft. and in Blue Ash, only 703 sq. ft. for the monthly rent of $1,000.

The top 5 is closed by Cleveland and Westlake where the same amount will get you smaller apartments of 713 sq. ft. and 732 sq. ft., respectively. So, if you do decide to choose one of these cities, know that you’ll need to shell out between $1,130 and $1,860 for the monthly rent. On the plus side, you’ll be enjoying urban living and lake views, so that’s definitely something worth considering.

What You Can Rent for $1,000 in the 3 Largest Ohio Metros

Here’s how much space you can get for $1,000 in Ohio’s top three largest metros: 

In the Cleveland metro, Warrensville Heights apartments tend to be more spacious. Here, you can get 1,135 sq. ft. for the monthly rent of $1,000. Broadview Heights and Lorain also prove to be great cities to live in because the space you could get here would also be substantially large of 1,130 sq. ft. and 1,111 sq. ft., respectively.

Meanwhile, the cities that offer the least space in the Cleveland metro are Beachwood (630 sq. ft.), Cleveland (713) and Westlake (732).

In the Columbus metro, the top cities that offer the largest space for $1,000 are Whitehall (1,217 sq. ft.), Lancaster (1,059 sq. ft.), Newark (1,050) and Reynoldsburg (1,008).

On the flipside, Lewis Center is where you’ll find the least space in the metro, of 795 sq. ft. However, its proximity to the picturesque Alum Creek Lake is more than ideal.

Apartments for rent in Middletown come with 1,134 sq. ft., the largest space you can get for the monthly rent of $1,000 in Cincinnati metro. Hamilton, Fairfield, Batavia and Milford are also generous cities in terms of space, as they all offer more than 900 square feet for the same amount.

On the other hand, the least space in this area is found in the above-mentioned Oxford, where you can get only 671 square feet, considerably less than in the metro’s other cities.

See How Much Space You Can Get on Your Budget

Want to find out how much space you can afford based on your budget in these 84 Ohio cities? Use the calculator below. 

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  • This report was prepared by RENTCafé, a nationwide apartment search website that enables renters to easily find apartments and houses for rent throughout the United States.
  • To compile this report, we analyzed average rent price and apartment size data provided by Yardi Matrix, RENTCafé’s sister company that researches and reports on large-scale multifamily properties of 50+ units. Yardi Matrix is a business development and asset management tool for brokers, sponsors, banks and equity sources underwriting investments in the multifamily, office, industrial and self-storage sectors.
  • The study is based on average rent and apartment size data for 390,000 market rate units and 2,200 multifamily properties across the 84 Ohio cities with a statistically relevant sample size of apartments.
  • The average apartment space per $1,000 of rent was calculated by dividing $1,000 by the average cost of rent per square foot in each city analyzed.

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