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1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Wakefield, Bronx, NY - 3 Rentals available

  • 1 Bedroom$1,694

Renting a 1 bedroom apartment in Wakefield, Bronx, NY

If there’s one type of apartment that virtually all buildings in Wakefield, Bronx, NY will offer, that’s one bedroom apartments. In fact, there are 3 1 bedroom rental units located in 3 apartment complexes in Wakefield, Bronx, NY. Single bedroom apartments work perfectly for single people, couples, roommates, and small families. You can even comfortably share one with your beloved pet, without feeling overcrowded. Usually, a 1 bedroom unit measures around 875 Sqft.

How to find a cheap 1 bedroom apartment in Wakefield, Bronx, NY in 4 easy steps

Does your search for an affordable 1 bedroom feel agonizing at times? You are scrolling through lists and lists of rental listings, looking at hundreds of images, trying to find the one that is just right. All you want is to find a nice comfortable apartment in a well-maintained building, on a quiet street in Wakefield, Bronx, NY and for a price you can actually afford. Hang in there, take a deep breath, and follow these 4 steps. Step 1: Put in a rent filter with a maximum price you can pay. Step 2: Sort your results by rent, ascending. Step 3: Browse the filtered results in the order they are listed. If you followed the first 3 steps correctly, the least expensive apartments should be at the top of the list. They will be either smaller apartments, maybe apartments located in older buildings, or one bedroom efficiency apartments. Step 4: Pick the apartment that speaks to you the most and contact the property to check availability.

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