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Gather friends at the Union of BBQ and Sushi

Union Sushi + Barbecue Bar may just be your new favorite hangout. Every newspaper, magazine, and website about Chicago is bound to mention the restaurant scene eventually. We’re one of the foodie capitals of the nation! With that said, we’ve grown accustomed to great food and we can be pretty picky eaters. Restaurateurs here have [...]


Nom. Nom. Find SF’s best sushi.

Discover the best sushi restaurants in The Bay. I crave sushi at least once a week. I find it hard to walk into a Japanese restaurant and not ask to see a sushi menu. Maybe it’s a disease. Or maybe I just know good stuff when I see it. In the sushi restaurants listed below, [...]


Best sushi in Phoenix? The search is over.

If you’re feeling landlocked in Phoenix and want to get your hands on some food that brings you closer to the ocean blue, how about a great sushi dinner? Sushi is one of most Phoenix’ residents’ most popular choices for date night, and since we all know how great fresh fish is for your health, [...]