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Plans for Chicago’s largest park

A huge investment in outdoor recreation space – one that will give Chicago the largest urban park in the entire nation – is intended to boost the economy of the city by creating local jobs. The Millennium Project is an

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Chicago: finally second to none

Ready to have more tourists heading the Windy City way? Chicago rolled out a new marketing campaign that is designed to talk us up all over the world. Forget this ridiculous “Second City” stuff. Now we’re saying that we’re “Second

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Chicago’s new road rules

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White recently announced new rules for the roads of Chicago in 2012. While some new laws are no brainers, others are surprisingly liberating and innovative. As of January 1, passengers in the backseat of a

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This Chicago holiday gift won’t break

We’re going green for the holidays this year, so the concept of giving our friends and loved ones things that don’t come wrapped in cardboard and wrapping paper is a big deal to us. One idea we love, though, is

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