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10 Commandments for freshmen renters

These tips for success have divine results for you college newbies. Take these tips to heart and advise your friends when looking for your first apartment. Thou shalt have no other priorities before me. As a student, look for housing

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Filing personal liability claims is easier than being sued

As a smart renter, you’ve got renters insurance. Right? Lucky you, filing a personal liability claim is so much easier than being sued. Nothing beats having a few friends over for a party—Halloween, Christmas, birthdays. Hot beats play through the

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Find your renting vs. ownership sweet spot

The continuing housing crisis and movement of homeowners into the rental market has a lot of people considering a change. Longtime renters see opportunities to buy, and homeowners who have stayed the course wonder if now is the time to

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Half of Chicago homes are upside down

New data from the real estate market shows that more than half of Chicago homeowners are upside down on their homes. But before you go picturing a city full of people hanging from gravity boots on the roof, here’s what

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