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Garden your apartment in 4 steps

I grew up having a big garden filled with everything – vegetables, trees, all sorts of flowers and scrubs, even a little vineyard. Throughout the years I’ve learned a lot about gardening and became fond of it. Not to mention the great advantage of using fresh vegetables for every meal and saving quite a decent [...]

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Composting at your apartment is easier than you think

Start a compost to reduce waste and amp-up your home garden. There are numerous benefits of composting for renters, though two of the most common are also the most useful. Composting reduces the amount of trash in your garbage, which means buying fewer bags and dumping less in the landfills. The process also continues the [...]


Want a garden but don’t have the space?

Gardening has become quite a trend these days.  Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs definitely has an interesting appeal.  It’s cheaper to buy junk food at the grocery store than buying the much healthier items in the fresh food section. Don’t even get me started on how many different pesticides, preservatives, and hormones are [...]

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Urban garden tips: Transform your balcony into a serene oasis

I’ve always enjoyed apartment living. Not saying that it’s all bright and shiny but I really like the vitality of apartment neighborhoods, I love meeting new people and the fact that it’s easy to stay connected to city life. And believe it or not, I’m very comfortable with people swarming around my apartment building; it [...]

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DIY indoor gardening: self-watering soda bottle planter

Even if you have a brown thumb (and I know I certainly do), there’s an easy way to grow plants indoors that requires very little set-up time and virtually no downstream maintenance. You may have already done this DIY project in school when you were a kid, but if not allow me to introduce to [...]

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A spring garden at your apartment

Spring is here and summer is on the way! That means it’s gardening time for those of us who love to be outside among the plants and flowers. But wait – you live in a tiny apartment and there’s not a speck of dirt to be seen, except for any that you’ve tracked in on [...]

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Awesome annuals for 2012

These beautiful flowers will be gracing the outdoor living spaces of American’s hottest gardens! Whether you’ve got a balcony the size of a shoe box or a garden that makes Versaille look quaint, we’ve located some the hottest trends in container gardening for 2012 according to Sunset Magazine. These fresh flowers add color, texture, and [...]

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What is this? A farm for ants?!

Meet tiny apartment gardens that pack a major punch, and get your own before April 1st! The farm to table movement started off with a bang a few years back and it has spread with increased momentum ever since. In an age of hormone-pumped, pesticide drenched, bio-engineered phony food people are simply seeking meals that [...]

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Chicago Flower and Garden Show brings catwalk fashion to your garden

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show celebrates the immense influence of fashion and design in floral, plant and landscape creations. The “Hort Couture” event shall be held at the Navy Pier starting March 10 thru March 18 and will feature an incredible array of stylized gardens and flower exhibits to captivate even the most critical [...]

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Desert Botanical Garden creates Festival of Luminarias

Beginning December 1, the Desert Botanical Garden will be holding its annual Las Noches de las Luminarias festival. This is a truly special, one-of-a-kind event that should not be missed. Go with family, friends, or a special someone and enjoy the holiday season in a way that celebrates beauty and romance… go just one time [...]