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15 Signs that you’re a Cowboys fanatic

If you’re a hardcore Dallas Cowboys fan, you don’t need anyone to tell you. But if you aren’t sure just how much of a fan you are, there are certain indicators that will help you determine your degree of addiction.

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Is your grandma a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

Haha, that’s a silly question isn’t it? *screech of needle abruptly being dragged across record* Think again, wise guy. Someone’s grandma is, or I guess she might be. 55-year-old fitness impresario Sharon Simmons (no relation to Richard?) is trying out

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Hula hoops, Cowboys, and cures on April 5

Come hula hoop in the Dallas Cowboys stadium to fight autism. Yep, you’ll be a superhero with a hula hoop! Sometimes, doing good is incredibly easy. Sure, it’s tough to know the right thing to do if you find $5,000

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Packers surpass Cowboys in votes for “America’s team”

Uh-oh, Dallas. Looks like the Green Bay Packers have surpassed you in nationwide voting conducted in December to determine who football fans see as “America’s team.” The survey by Public Policy Polling found that the Cowboys are in face the

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