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Transform your rental into a hip coffee haven for winter

Become a savvy, self-made barista to entertain friend on cold evenings or simply skip the coffee shop and save yourself a few bucks. We will show you how: Stocking the Kitchen You will need a few things to get your home coffee shop off on the right foot. Bean Grinder: While there’s nothing wrong with [...]

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How about a cup of coffee, Philadelphia?

That steamy cup that washes your eyes every morning has beans of spectacular in it. If you know where to go get it. Depending on your level of expertise, on the type of order you’re going for, and the part of the city you’re frequenting, there is the perfect coffee shop for you, that home [...]

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Entertainment ideas for the coming cold weather

Cozy up with friends and family over these soul-warming treats. Philadelphia gets cold. If you’ve been renting here for a while, that’s no news to you but newcomers should know what’s heading their way: biting winds, chilling rains, and endless snow are bound to make their appearance as fall progresses towards winter. Keep the unfriendliness [...]

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Heading back to college? Move in with Starbucks and The Lumineers

Who’s always been there in times of trouble? Who’s helped me get over a harsh morning and an even tougher night? Who’s been there by my side when I needed to stay up late and study for the math test? Who’s been there to sweeten my day when I needed the most? There is only [...]

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Hipster beans at their very best

San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee is the kind of place you want to sit and stay awhile. With some of the best beans in the city, a resident rescue dog, ban on wi-fi so people will converse with each other, and perfect location (Valencia at 13th Street), it’s no wonder there’s usually a long line [...]

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Chicago Starbucks will be among test markets for food, alcohol service

If you’ve ever thought the menu down at your corner Starbucks was a little limited, try this idea on for size:  the international coffee retailer will now also provide alcohol and some food sales at some Chicago locations. The experiment, which will be taking place at Starbucks locations across the U.S., is a test for [...]

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Best Phoenix hangouts for great coffee

There’s nothing like a good coffee to start off your day. The aroma, the buzz, the flavors—coffee is heaven in a cup! Whether you’ve had a rough night and you need a “strong” one or you just want to sweeten your morning with a Nutty Mocha Latte, the Phoenix baristas are ready to fulfill your [...]

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Wake up and smell the cheaper Dallas coffee

Just recently Starbucks announced that its “tall” coffee would be 10 cents more expensive in some U.S. regions, including Dallas, Atlanta, Boston or New York among other, making it $1.85.  Knowing that the average American coffee drinker consumes 3.4 cups a day, I invite you to do the math and see how much we spend [...]