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Your Dallas apartment checklist

Nice digs.Looking for the perfect place to live in Dallas, Texas? Apartments here offer everything you could possibly want for a productive and enjoyable life. Here’s your must list as you begin a search for a great Dallas apartment.

-Air conditioning. It gets awfully hot during the summer months in Dallas, so make sure that you will be nice and cool with an air conditioning system.

-On-site laundry facility. Save yourself a lot of time with an apartment that has washers and dryers available for your use on the property.

-Fitness center. Not only will an on-site fitness center at your new Dallas apartment save you the expense of a monthly gym fee, but it’s a great place to meet people and you will burn off extra calories while you’re there!

-Swimming pool. There’s no better place to relax on a hot summer day than in the cool comfort of your very own complex pool.

-Location. Make sure your new apartment is not too far from your work, favorite restaurants, shopping, friends’ homes and other destinations that are important to you. If you will have a long way to drive to get to these things, have a good reason for it like large savings on rent.

-Appliances. Check out the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and any other appliances at your new place to make sure everything is looking good and working as expected.

-Nearby walking and recreation opportunities. Like to get outside? Check out the area surrounding your prospective Dallas apartment as well as the complex itself. You’ll know quickly whether area residents feel safe and enjoy any sports or other get-togethers outside.

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