Assembling your summer music festival survival kit

Assembling your summer music festival survival kit

fan at concert in dallasSpring is winding down to an end and that only means one thing: music festival season is almost here!! As awesome as music festivals can be, there are always some, shall we say, annoyances that can be a drag on your good time. Every festival-going group needs a boy/girl scout with their very own festival survival kit so no one ends up burned to a crisp and fighting for a smidgen of shade while sadly sipping a warm beer.

Before assembling your survival kit, first, check the weather and dress appropriately.  The number one tip that nobody thinks of: forego the flip-flops and wear sneakers. It may sound idiotic at first, but you know the drill: you shift your weight, do the flamingo one-legged shuffle thing, but after a while your feet will hurt no matter what and end up black and crusty with dirt and beer by end of day. Put on some cushy kicks and kick them off if your feet get hot.

Most festivals let concertgoers bring in bags and backpacks, so here are a few necessary (but also light and small) items to make sure you throw in your bag:

  •  Water: Check with the festival, but they usually allow one or two bottles of water per person to be brought in. Make sure it’s sealed, or they’ll take it away at the entrance.
  • Sunblock: It’s kind of a given, and potentially devastating if forgotten depending on one’s sensitivity to the sun.
  •  Sunglasses and/or hat: Yes, again with the sun protection. Skin cancer ain’t no joke.
  •  A coozie: So everyone around you will have a “Doh!” moment.
  •  A fully charged phone: The wireless powers that be can be a little slow during big festivals, meaning more battery power being wasted on searching for signals.
  •  Your festival lineup: It helps to plan ahead which bands you want to see, but having a print out regardless of whether you are a planner or planning to wing it is always helpful.
  •  Cash: Those pop-up ATM fees are usually outrageous.

Other optional items to keep you and your peeps entertained between bands: a hacky sack, Frisbee, iPod speakers, Travel Scrabble, roach clips (if that’s how you roll – let’s not kid ourselves and ignore the one activity that most concertgoers do to entertain themselves between bands).


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