Learn to color block your apartment like a pro

Learn to color block your apartment like a pro

Vivid colors paired with unassuming neutrals lead to eye-catching, ultra-hip design for your Atlanta rental. I’m enjoying the runway’s blast from the past. Color blocking got started in the 60s, came back in the 80s, made a mini appearance in the 90s and now we’re loving it again. What gives this technique staying power is its versatility.

Hip and mod kitchen using color blocking

Image via ModWalls.com

Any colors can be used in color blocking patterns, particularly when at least one neutral is present to set a sense of balance. Neutrals give interior designers a base to work with when considering wood tones, metal finishes, and other details.

While traditional color blocking used primary colors in stark contrast with black and white, times have certainly changed. More modern approaches use bold shades of coral, teal, and magenta paired with saucier neutrals like caramel and gunmetal gray.

Another change for the better is the removal of defining lines within the blocking systems. In the traditional approach, the neutrals worked like the canvas, creating absolute defining barriers between chunks of color. The colors are the centerpiece. Now, with the use of more muted neutrals, the defining lines are removed and the colors can interact as they please.

custom color blocking in kitchen

Image via DesignShuffle.com

So…you’re ready to give your apartment a makeover using modern color blocking techniques, right? Perfect! To get started, you’ll want to choose from the hottest colors on the market. Benjamin Moore has a couple of cool online tools to get you started and you can get help at any of their Atlanta area locations. Explore new takes on traditional color palettes.

Then it’s time to paint! Check out this helpful step-by-step video on making your painting dreams a reality:


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    Such pretty images! The style seems easy enough to copy. Maybe I’ll give it a try this summer

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    great photos. the one with the painted cabinet doors looks easy enough to do on a weekend

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