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Explore the best places for water sports around Atlanta

Break out your swim trunks and your favorite toys for big boys.rafting on rapids

Living in a landlocked city doesn’t mean that you don’t have access to hot spots for water sports. Georgia is still a coastal state, and Atlanta is conveniently surrounded by spacious lakes, broad rivers, and everything that you need to fulfill your sense of adventure on the waterfront. (And of course, you can make the four hour drive to the coast anytime.)

So strap on your life vest and get ready for some of the best water sport activities that the southeast has to offer.

Lake Lanier About a 30 minute car ride north of Atlanta rests Lake Lanier, a dam boasting 692 miles of shoreline. Take in the sun on the shore or pop into the water for swimming, sailing, kayaking, and canoeing. Guests can enjoy a meal at excellent lakeside restaurants before heading back to the action. Rent gear at Aqua Sports Adventures, Lake Lanier’s leading supplier for thrill seekers. Race your friends on jet skis or tug a pal behind you as you cruise in a roundabout. Just looking to chill out? Grab a few inner tubes and float with your toes in the water as you nap. Call ahead and check water levels before bringing out your boat.

Chattahoochee River Tubing in the Hooch is an excellent way to cool off in the warmer months while enjoying nature’s water park. There are areas with intense rapids for advanced sportsmen as well as gentler waters for those who just want to kick back and float along. You can also rent rafts, canoes, and kayaks from Chattahoochee Outfitters and other suppliers nearby. For large parties, consider taking a cruise on the Spirit of Roswell River Boat. Got a fishing license with a trout stamp? Bring your gear to the shores of the Chattahoochee to reel in the catch of the day.

Lake Allatoona Boaters love Lake Allatoona with its plentiful boat ramps and marinas. It provides a less crowded boating destination than Lake Lanier with plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the water. Bring out your boat to settle into the lake and catch a variety of fish including bass (stripped, hybrid, largemouth, white and spotted) catfish, crappie, gar, and bream (redbreast, redear sunfish and bluegill). The lake spreads across 12,000 acres and provides guests with 270 miles of shoreline for sunbathing, volleyball, camping, and more!



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  1. Buy water sports product on said:

    Hi, I’m the Digital marketing guy in hudsonmart. Atlanta is a awesome place for water sports.

  2. Jack@biradivecamp on said:

    Very much agree. These places around Atlanta are best for water sports. My favorite is the Lake Lanier. We can do many adventure there like sailing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. This will be perfect for summer getaway with friends

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